Key 2147 – Amos 4

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2147

The “fat cows of Samaria” metaphor is our entry into the deeper meanings being conveyed by the poet Amos.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: June 26, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

“Minor” Prophets?; Need Holy Spirit guidance to understand; How to seek it; The keys; Loving God and neighbor; Why covenant with the gods many?; “Religion”; Bondage of Egypt; Modern “churches” are of the world; Binding and loosing; Do what He says; “Nudging” bible verses; Playing Church; “Ekklesia” = called out; Seeking His Kingdom; Are you being misled? Amos 4:1; Poetry; Different bible versions; Blame game again; Symbolic “woman”; Caregiver?; “Husband” Authority/Father; Patri/Patronous; Holding you to your agreements; “Bashan” (biet-shen-vav) = fruitfulness/faith; Repent!; Christ took kingdom away from Pharisees; It was already “at hand”; Conforming to Christ or the world?; Your choice; More drink?; Following Christ; Defining “Church”; Ordinances of Christ; “Corpus” (body); Who are called out?; What for?; Deciding good/evil for you; Church is a government; Sharing parables; Walking the “Way”; Consequences of “world” government; Breakdown of families; Skills of freedom; Rituals and ceremonies; Amos 4 – oppressing the poor; Public religion; Modern watchmen; Saving yourself; Repent!; Fat “cows” (kine); Genesis (41:2) cow dream interpretation; gimel-resh-vav-tav; (vav-tav) connects to faith; Moses’ faith teachings; Samaria metaphor – ref Micah 1; Sharing truth; Amos 4:5; Free offerings?; Living by faith or force?; “Paid in full”; Covetous practices; Clean teeth; Christ’s commands; Withholding rain and empty reservoirs; Righteousness is your salvation; “Palmworm” (chewing locust) ref Joel and Declaration of Independence; Becoming merchandise; Returning to the “Way”; Repent!; Idols and snares; Evidence of repentance; Recognizing idolatry; Goodnewsmen; Sin of Sodom; “Community”; Dividing the flock; Cause and effect; Socialism has existed here for 100+ years; Forming a living network; Fat leaders – palmworms; Consequence/effect built into creation; Henry’s Concise Commentary; Worship; Flow of charity in the kingdom; Organized networking; Information resources; Soul-searching self; Letting God write upon your heart and mind; Sloth brings tyranny; Keeping rights secure; “MY” people; Drawing near to God; No time to waste; Repent!


[00:02:05] What are the keys of the Kingdom? What you bind on earth is bound in heaven.
[00:14:41] Start Amos 4
[00:16:04] Fat cows of Samaria; What do women and husbands represent in a nation?
[00:22:56] Bashan: Fruitfulness
[00:27:06] Unregistered church movement
[00:28:00] Definition of “church” in Black’s Law Dictionary
[00:33:26] Men who decide what is good and evil; abortion
[00:56:18] Amos 4:5; Leaven
*[00:59:16] Unrighteous mammon vs Freewill offerings
[01:03:25] Mountains of Samaria not telling you about VAERS
[01:07:28] Mass migration; The righteous don’t need a wall
*[01:09:20] Amos 4:9; Palm worms; Locusts
[01:19:54] One purse = socialism
*[01:24:25] Sin of Soddom
*[01:33:51] Importance of admitting you are in the bondage of Egypt

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