Key 2148 – Discussing “Keys” Document

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2148

Some people build entire doctrines around Peter, specifically, being given the keys of the kingdom. But WE ALL were given those keys.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: June 26, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Amos, Micah and Joel saying the same things; Choosing to live apart from God; Subjecting yourself to man’s government; Neighbors biting neighbors; Human resources; Repeating history; The Christian difference; Pope Peter?; Celibacy?; Vestal virgins; Amos’s fat cows; Peter and the keys of the kingdom; Divine revelation; Binding/Loosening on earth and in heaven; Mt 13:20; Discussing “Keys” document; Matt 16:13; Identity of Jesus; “Christ” = Anointed; Which misunderstanding to address first?; 1000 years; Where are we at in prophecy?; Clergy = clerks; “Church” defined; Separate (holy) ministers; Built on liberty; God’s opinion is the truth; Levites; Heb 10:4; Sin and separation from God; Simple bible, simple commandments; Keeping them; John 8:43; Having ears to hear; Getting the truth; The “rock” of your knowing.


[00:02:37] Keys of the Kingdom for binding and loosing
*[00:06:16] No pope in early Roman church; Early bishops were married; Vestile virgins
[00:08:50] Congregations of Ten
[00:14:03] Isaiah 22:20 “Father” in the Kingdom
[00:18:30] Document: “Discussion of Keys of the Kingdom”
*[00:29:33] Kingdom lasted 1000 years; New type of government created after 1000 years — 1066AD

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