Key 2149 – Amos 5

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2149

The poet Amos uses metaphors that, when understood, make his book astonishingly practical for today’s political environment.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: July 10, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

How things work in the kingdom; Gospel = good news – kingdom at hand; Jews and gentiles; MANY “Christians” contrary to Christ; Are you deceived?; Israel fallen; Error of Baalam and Nicolaitans; Bondage of Egypt; Imposing “fair share”?; Octavius; Hating Romans?; Romans were invited to Judea; Weakening/degenerating society; Real history?; Amos the shepherd/farmer/poet/prophet; Burning Bush Festival; Seeking the kingdom of God; The “way”; Government of, for and by the people; Pure Religion; Review of Amos 1-4; Communist manifesto; Holy Spirit is not emotion; Brotherly covenant; Church = “called out”; Baptism; Charity vs force; Consequences of transgression; Covetous practices; Horns of the altar; Today’s watchmen; Being heard by God; Amos 5; Christ appointed the Church – 1000 years; Constantine’s counterfeit church; Symbolic meaning of words; Moses’ beginnings; Assisting neighbors; Standing together as a free people; Seek the Lord!; “House of God”; Power seekers; Power of choice; Believing you’re not free; “Affinity spaces”; “inclusion” is actually “exclusion”; National adultery; Escaping responsibility; Turning judgment to “wormwood” – lamad-ayin-nun-heh – bitterness; Your right to judge; Despising dominion; Law of nature; Committing to righteousness; Can you see covetousness in the systems of the world?; Biting each other; Righteousness flows through the people individually; Hearing your neighbor’s cries; Hewn houses; Robbing widows and orphans; Treading upon the poor; Denying your own reality; Hating (fear of) rebuke; Question everything!; Your choices create your government; “Saved” in your imagination only; Follow Christ!; Jesus came that you MIGHT be saved; Traitorous translators; Do you want to know?; Are you doing the will of the Father?; Returning to a free society; Admitting your error; The noise of your songs; Card-carrying bondservants; Righteousness, not covetousness; Sacrifice, not greed.


*[00:01:36] Kingdom at hand
*[00:02:00] Thousands of Jews accepted Jesus as the anointed king
*[00:03:00] Many think they know Jesus but are actually workers of iniquity
*[00:04:47] What is the bondage of Egypt and how we’ve gone back into it?
*[00:09:00] America followed the path of Rome and moved from freedom to forced contribution
*[00:12:24] Degeneration of people brought about by forcing contributions
[00:14:11] Church property with cattle and sheep where festivals are held
[00:18:28] Review of previous chapters of Amos
[00:19:15] Can’t blame politicians for problems in America; People’s fault
[00:20:12] Almost everything decried in Declaration of Independence is law today. Same with Communist Manifesto
*[00:22:12] Using force at any stage of caring for the needy of society is practicing spotted religion.
[00:28:22] Horns of the altar
[00:32:10] Amos 5 begins
[00:35:44] Amos 5:2; Virgins and national adultery
[00:37:42] Bethel
*[00:39:54] How US “freedom” resembles bondage of Egypt; Abortion
[00:50:33] Image of freedom
[00:53:18] Affinity space; Changing definitions
[00:59:12] Wormwood
*[01:00:15] Ye also are gods (in a free society)
[01:09:07] Fortress
[01:12:42] Amos 5:10
[01:14:00] Amos 5:11; Why you aren’t allowed to enjoy the fruits of your labor; Robbing widows
*[01:18:10] Legal title vs equitable title
[01:19:00] Experts warning about danger of vaccines
*[01:20:30] Jesus took the kingdom from the Pharisees with their own words
[01:22:04] Amos 5:12; Robbing widows and orphans
*[01:26:07] Translators would have been killed had they provided the true translation
*[01:29:03] Why your offerings are rejected
[01:32:25] Your songs are noise to God
*[01:33:40] Charagma – the badge of your servitude

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