Key 2151 – Amos 6

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2151

The book of Amos from the perspective of the original Hebrew symbols is substantially more meaningful than the version given to us by English translators.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: July 17, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Amos 5: Quick review; Symbolic poetry; Pictorial Hebrew; Letters with meaning; Facilitates reasoning process; Stories more powerful than mere facts; Personifying animals; Capacity of reason; Justin the martyr vs Celsus; Temple functions; Sacrifices to idols; Keys to understanding; Trials of the saints; Amos: where Israelites went wrong; Pharisees had a jumbled truth; Awakening from darkness; Returning men to families and possessions; Power of choice; Fundamental precept of the bible; Amos 5: Bethel and Gilgal; Christ’s parables; Straying from righteousness; “Beersheba” well of 7-fold oath; Turning temple into den of thieves; Offerings of force or freewill; Elder discussion; Pledging; Clergy; Cursing your children – bondage of Egypt; Conforming to Christ; Building a bridge from death to life; Strengthening the poor; “Memoir on Pauperism”; “Legal charity”; “Religion”; Putting everyone on welfare!; What made America great; Entering into Egypt; Moving from force to freedom; Amos 6; Beginning your spiritual journey; Good Samaritans; Calneh and Hamath = Faith; Abraham’s gospel; Cutting ourselves off from the Holy Spirit; Sacrificing selfishness; Modern doublespeak; Not OK to covet neighbor’s goods; Gospel truth; Cultish behavior; Supporting the truth; Loving your neighbor; Outlawing personal responsibility; Why you are captives; What God hates; Loving unrighteousness?; Rejoicing in debt?; Standing with God; Your mountains of Samaria are liars; There is no new deal; God’s deal or Satan’s deal?; Where is your humility?; Improving your understanding; Pilate’s “world”; Pilate’s choice; Pharisees’ self-condemnation; Charity without morality?; Inevitable senseless rioting; Gathering in Tens, Hundreds and Thousands; Nicolaitans; The REAL solution; Aflame with righteousness; Extreme isolation of pandemic reaction; Seeking HIS kingdom and HIS righteousness; Revealing symbolism; Our books are free online; Home church movement?; Burning Bush Festival; The need for locality; Is Christ in your heart?; Repent!


[00:01:47] Words in the Hebrew language have both a literal meaning and an abstract meaning.
[00:02:49] Tabernacle = Tent
[00:05:02] Stossel video adressing Ain Rand
[00:07:00] People are stories; Personifying animals
[00:12:35] Celsus
[00:14:36] Temples and Christian conflict
*[00:19:40] The importance of freedom and choice; no choice turns a man into a member; Power to choose – Exousia
[00:24:10] Bethel = house of God; Gilgal = Commitment; Beersheba = Well of the sevenfold oath
[00:30:17] Amos 5:18 Fear of one danger makes you run into a greater danger
[00:31:20] Elder is office of the family
[00:36:28] Alexis de Tocqueville
[00:45:03] Amos 6 begins
[00:59:04] The symbol of wearing a mask
[01:02:06] Sweden’s churches are dead but their clergy is in government offices
[01:04:21] Jacob stole the birthright of brother
*[01:10:24] More quotes from Alexis de Tocqueville
*[01:16:10] My kingdom is not of this world
*[01:18:42] Continue by de Tocqueville about forced charity
[01:34:00] Constitution

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