Key 2150 – It’s NOT the Government’s Job

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2150

James Williams, commissioner for Lake County, Oregon, reports on the “Bootleg” fire and provides the perspective of a public official trying to protect his constituency from further central government incursion.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: June 10, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Guest: James Williams – Lake County commissioner; “Bootleg” fire; “RFPA”; Fire-fighting stories; Funding; Links to the Gospel; Taking back responsibility; Censorship; mRNA vaccine response; Vaccinosis; Conspiracies; What can we do?; Public school control; Who should “do something”?; Guardianship by government?; TLC for neighbors; Commandments of men and God; Honoring father and mother; “Corban”; Defiling men; Becoming the light; Doing what’s right can be contagious; Community involvement; Where are the churches?; There’s always someone that needs help; Not just token help; The transition back; Bondage of Egypt; Share these messages!


[00:03:20] James Williams starts, Bootleg fire report.
[00:05:31] RFPA – Rangeland Fire Protection Agency; The phenomenal difference that can be made when locals are prepared
[00:14:53] Doing government through a voluntary system
[00:16:50] Compare to the degradation of Portland
[00:17:36] Two kingdoms
[00:18:05] Lake County has lowest vaccination rate in state
[00:23:43] Why are they pushing the vaccine so hard?
[00:27:54] Government handouts with strings attached
[00:30:56] Guardianship program for elderly and mental health
[00:41:30] Jesus instructing his followers to care for their elderly parents
[00:46:25] Helping elderly with appraisals

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