Key 2152 – Who Is Your Clergy?

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2152

The source of your benefits determines who your clergy is. And most who call themselves “Christians” today have the same worldly source as everyone else.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: July 17, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

The keys are…; Most have no idea; Facebook conversation; Given to the apostles to know; Celsus the critic; Modern Christian Nicolaitans; Ignoring Christ; Seek to conform to Christ; Home “church”; Christ’s organization plan; Understanding “pure religion”; 1 Cor 8; Knowledge vs Charity; “agape”; Why Christians wrote to emperors; The Way to freedom; “Exousia” concept; Biblical use of “elder”; “Appointment”; Serving servants; Do you want to see?; Offices of “Authority”; Force is not allowed; Acting upon the Holy Spirit’s guidance; Could nearly everybody be wrong?; “Faith”; Why tyranny grows; Error of Balaam and Nicolaitans; Consent not; Benefits from exercisers of authority; Mission of The Church; “Patri”/”Patronous”; Activity in the Temples; Joining the network.


[00:05:04] Author J. Rogers confused perspective of Celsis
[00:10:06] Problem with current home church groups
[00:13:08] Neutral public square
[00:18:35] Religion vs Pure Religion
[00:19:40] 1 Corinthians 8 – Knowledge and charity
[00:25:25] Clergy of US Society
[00:27:40] Justin the Martyr describes litergy
[00:29:00] Christians were undermining the public temples
[00:32:10] Exousia = Right to choose; Social Security
[00:36:15] Elder = head of family
[00:39:28] Offices of Authority
[00:49:30] America is already socialist
[00:52:19] Call no man father
[00:53:06] Sacrifices to the temples

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