Key 2165 – 2021 Burning Bush Festival

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2165

Meet many attendees of the 2021 Burning Bush Festival held at Summer Lake, Oregon and learn the importance of networking as taught by Abraham and his “altars of stone”.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: September 6, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes


[00:01:16] Abraham V from Los Angelas, Minister for His Church of the Angles (HCA)
[00:07:05] Isabelle from New York
[00:10:06] Chris Hardman from Idaho
[00:13:00] Jack
[00:13:55] Calvin
[00:15:52] Terry & Melissa Hardman
[00:21:13] Doug Scofield, Minister for His Church at New River (HCNR)
[00:28:45] Congregation and accountability of ministers
[00:31:15] Thoughts after listening to Biden’s speech
[00:37:40] Purpose of Fathers of the Earth; Tough Love; Taking away benefits;
[00:42:55] The problem with militia and prepper types
[00:45:03] Abraham’s altars; City-States; Golden Calf
[00:48:46] Gathering of stones were natural jury; Stoning
[00:53:45] The Gauls; Dividing Forces; Band of Brothers; Jacobites
[01:03:15] Join the Network

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