Key 1044 – LIVE From the Retreat

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 1044

Listen to many who attended the 2010 Summer Lake retreat (Burning Bush Festival). They share their thoughts and experiences about what’s on their hearts and minds.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: September 25, 2010

Show Notes


Paul’s Notes

Interviewing retreat guests on this show: 1) Paul from Wisconsin, 2) Hadar from Minnesota, 3) Mark from Australia, 4) Isa from Oregon, 5) Jeff from South Carolina


[00:02:31] greetings from Paul – Wisconsin
[00:09:09] greetings from Hadar – Minnesota
[00:16:41] greetings from Mark – Australia
[00:28:00] greetings from Isa – Western Oregon
[00:31:46] greetings from Jeffrey – South Carolina

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