Key 2101 – Catholic Church, Like Most Others, Is Not Doing What Christ Commanded

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2101

Build Back Better” is a slick slogan that hides a darker purpose. Brother Gregory discusses a popular video by Michael Matt and a letter to President Trump by Catholic bishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: January 2, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Relating today’s world to kingdom of God; “world” confusion; Noah’s days; Death by lack of knowledge; Irresponsible reporting; Disaster of panic; Focusing on symptoms instead of the problem; Vaccination blackmail; The Great Reset; World Economic Forum; Christ’s book; Ekklesia; Elders; Faulty preconceived notions; Patriarchal system of families; Apostles waiting on tables; Early church’s function; Your lack of vision; The Way of Christ; Temples of the world; Who cares about Romans?; The Greatest Reset; Making the word of God to effect; Public vs Pure religion; “catholic”; Do not be deceived; “Building back”; Exposing “them”; Boxcar loaders; Bishop letter to Trump; How we conform to Christ; Who appoints elders?; Seven men; What is the solution; New normal traditions; “No jab, no job”; Your salvation is doing what Christ said!; Your life and soul depends on it; The job of the church; “Spotted” religion; Historical fornication and marriage; Righteousness of God in the Early church; What Christ wants you to do; Marriage recordings; Who’s your father?; Our strong delusion; Slothful under tribute; Cursing our children; World religion; Trusts within trusts; Federal reserve systems; Modern church in conflict with Christ; 10-family congregations; The falling away of Christians; Carlo Maria Vagano’s letter to Trump; True Church?; From the government here to help; Sabbath; Fathers of the Earth; Office of The Church; Organized communities of evil; Why we gather; Modern Churches not doing their job; Love righteousness.


[00:01:11] What is meant by the word “world”?
[00:03:59] Coronavirus
[00:10:33] The Great Reset
*[00:13:03] Elder
[00:29:15] Meaning of the word “Catholic”; Michael Matt video
[00:38:00] Greg raised in Catholic Church (gregbio); More around 1:18-1:24
*[00:42:23] Elder; Seven Men; Tables LISTEN
*[00:57:35] Old men were appointed
*[01:07:20] Marie Antiounette and Marriage; Lady Godiva[1:17] LISTEN
*[01:18:] Catholic Church and others are accepting corban [1:26] LISTEN
[01:28:44] Build Back Better; Letter from Carlo Maria Viganò to President Trump
*[01:29:28] Purpose of early church gathering on Sunday[01:32:56]

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