Key 2335 – Exodus – Part 40 (Sacrifice)

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2335

The book of Exodus details many types offerings and sacrifice. But there were no rituals involving literal burning of sheep or ringing necks of turtledove. God’s people understood the practical metaphors of the ancient language.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: May 6, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Finished Exodus; Most are clueless about the bible; Strong delusion; Today’s bondage (of Egypt); Turtledoves?; Gen 15:9; 400 years of bondage; Livestock surveys; Pound of flesh; Sacrificing a dove?; tav-vav-resh (turtledove); *And* gimel-vav-lamad (young pigeon); Blind leading blind; Severity of covetousness; Following the taxation money; Seeking His kingdom and righteousness; Commands to be fruitful and multiply; Women vs girls; “I know where I’m going”; Burnt offerings; Leviticus “turtledove” yod-vav-nun-hey – from “wine/vine”; (Jonah?); Extra Hebrew letters; “Meat offering”; mem-nun-chet-hey; Temple granaries; Government subsidies; “Covenants of the gods” book; Grain reserves; Theocratic socialism; Bonds of love; Wealth in the kingdom; “Fair share?”; FDR’s New Deal dictators; Balaam and Nicolaitans; Selling yourselves into bondage; Sons of God; Julius Caesar and the Gauls; Covetousness = idolatry; Col 3:5; Constantinian Christianity; “Leaven” of the Pharisees; Who will see this?; Mt 20:25; Mk 10:42; Lk 22:25; Acts 17:7; Jesus, the other king; Constantine’s formation of church; Repenting and building Christ’s network; Living by faith; Sin offerings; Widow’s mite; Strengthening others; Business of the tabernacle; Peace offerings; Melchizedek; Ante-up!; Widows; Congregations; Trespass offerings; Wave and heave offerings; Share this message.

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