Key 2301 – Exodus – Part 8

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2301

When the deeper meanings around the plagues of Egypt in Exodus 7 are understood, the story becomes much more relevant to our present day and the bondage of Egypt to which we are subject.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: January 7, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Why cover Exodus?; Darkened eyes; Moses the genius; Drawing near; “Corban”; “Hardened” heart; chet-zayin-kuf or kof-beit-dalet?; Jordan Peterson’s “Exodus”; Leading to Holy Spirit; Setting the whole world free; “Anti-semitic”; “Israel”; Pentateuch; Tree of Life; Awakening?; White Rock Gathering; Psilocybin; Getting back to the garden; Cleaning out your temple; Emotional chemicals; Reviewing Exodus 6; Giving righteousness; Israel today; Saul’s folly; “Communism”; Worsening the bondage of Egypt; Barley vs Wheat; What you need to do today; nun-tav-nun = heir to the kingdom (via faith); Conditional giving; Consequences of violating the conditions; Jokes; Stories; Doubling Hebrew letters; Hebrew before Moses; Drawing near to God; “Anguish” = impatience; Forced offerings?; Social safety net; Going all the way to righteousness; kuf-tzdek-resh; Cruel bondage; “Sin”; Fasting from impatience; Leaders destroying the people; Ex 7; Aaron the spokesman; Two witnesses; Congregation = free assembly; Hardening Pharaoh’s heart; Understanding the signs; Knowing God’s plan; “Armies”; Public religion; Charity = love; Ex 7:8; “Spake”; Viewing scripture through lens of Holy Spirit; “Magicians of Egypt”; Staves before Pharaoh; Beginning of plagues – rivers to blood; v23 more stubborn; God wants everybody saved; Italics in the bible; “Serpent”; Covetous practices; Corban?; Get your sources straight; Substitutes block; Force begets bondage; Charity = love; Love/charity your neighbor.

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