Key 2336 – Exodus – Part 41 (Turtledove)

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2336

Modern translators leave the impression that God’s people steadily decimated turtledove. Millions of them. Every month. But ancient people understood the practical symbolism of their language…until they were no longer God’s people after becoming “citified”.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: May 13, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Dove” has many meanings in Hebrew; Gen 15:9 “young pigeons”; Intent for chosen words/spellings; PETA’S bible rewrite; Interpretation confusion; Who will believe the truth?; Healing; Signs and wonders and witness; Strong delusion via modern religion; Burnt offerings; “Ox”; Muzzling the ox?; Look at context to gain understanding; Repeating history’s mistakes; Steps in the desert?; Breeches and nakedness; Is your “church” anti-Christ?; Gen 15:9 “Land”; Brief history of Genesis; The flood; City-states; Altering “History”; 1954 Reece commission; Gregory history; Lies by omission; “Sumer”; Goddess of welfare; What happened to Sumer? Rome?; Jesus’ teaching on welfare; Christian “doves”; Social safety nets; Bonds of freedom; Golden Calf; Gen 15:9 Abram’s ritual; tav-vav-resh (turledove) vav-tav-resh; Protecting the carcasses; Measuring against Abraham’s other experiences; Entitlements; Eating meat; God’s refuge; Abram’s “Deep sleep” = horror of great darkness; Encouraging today’s scavenging; Gen 15:12; Bondage of Egypt; Separating the turtledove by fire/lamp; Dream interpretation; Aborting children; Pure religion without turtledove; Seeking His Church (His Doctrine); Valuing pearls; Jer 8:7; gimel-vav-zayin-lamad = young pigeon?; seize/plunder?; Jer 48:28 “dove” yod-vav-nun-hey = actual dove; “Cities” = terror; Civil systems of law; Jer 48:20…; Spoiled people; Returning to “Mire”; Leaving the “cities”; Individual responsibility; Charity only vs taxation; Eating meat with blood in it; Jer 48:28; Beware of the snare; Living “of” the city; No exercising authority; “Strange Fire” conference video; Corban of Pharisees = FDR’s New Deal = LBJ’s Great Society = Not new; Christ’s solution; The Way of righteousness; Making excuses; Pagan “Christian” churches; Will YOU see the truth?; Cutting yourself from God; Peace!

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