Key 2329 – Exodus – Part 34

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2329

Understanding that Exodus 34 is all about creating a social safety net adds rich meaning to its many metaphors.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: April 15, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Structure of kingdom of God; Hampered by orthodoxy; Pharisees and the Torah; Holy Spirit guidance; Making gods many; Violence; Cause and effect universe; Epigenetics; “trechery”; Hebrew syntax; Divine inspiration; Moses’ pattern; Inability to see truth; Witchcraft; Idolatry; “Worship” defined; Serving God; Affirmation?; Moseslove; Laying down your life for your fellow man; Jn 15:12; Jn 10:11; Understanding temple structure; “wall” – leaping over/obstacle to understanding; Golden calf; What is a name?; Keeping the Israelites together without Moses; Gold earrings?; One purse; Central banks; Removing compassion for neighbor; Covetousness; Col 3:5; National adultery; Wrath of God; Children of disobedience; Eph 5:5; Whoremonger?; 1 Cor 5:10; Council of Milan; Movie Ten Commandments; “Religion”; True love of neighbor; Tough love; Iniquity in your society; Moses facing the light; Repentance; Legal charity; Exodus 34:1; Where their love/loyalty went; “Merciful”; God’s “love”; Blocking God’s love; “Gracious” chet-nun-vav-nun; Not holding a judge; “visiting”; Accountability; Terrible?; Speeding up cause/effect; Temple treasure; Ex 34:12; Snares; Hearing the anguish of your brother; Sureties for debt; “Destroy” shin-beit-resh = hope?; Shining light on legal charity altars; Defending your wealth; Perfect savages; Righteous mammon; Telling you where you’re at = bondage of Egypt; Your benefactors; Unleavened bread symbolism; Belonging to God; Meat for the needy; Social safety net; Keeping the Sabbath; Debt makes gods; Protection network of love; Living Christ’s way; Be the light.

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