Key 2328 – Exodus – Part 33

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2328

When we understand why the Israelites were stiffnecked in Exodus 33, we see as much of it in modern Christianity as we do the rest of society.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: April 8, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Grasping Exodus truth; Knowing God; Can you handle the truth?; Importance of DOing; Circumcising of the heart; Apostasy; Abundance of life; Prayer closet; God’s way to live; Deut 30:6; Jer 4:4; Red Sea crossing; Rom 2:29; Loving your enemy; Understanding God’s revelation; Mt 5:23; Caring about Israel; Putting down ornaments?; ayin-dalet+yod; ayin = divine providence – 5 states of kindness; Dalet = selflessness/charity; Virtues and vices; Humility; Kingdom-seeking process; Israel’s judges; Choice belongs to the people; Social security; “Stiff necked” analyzed; Ex 33:3; Hard/cruel/severe hearted; Turning the wrong way; “Fleshpots” in the bible; Power of choice = freedom; Exercising care; Contributing your pieces of the puzzle; Aaron’s options; Making excuses; Electing liars; Recognizing truth; Self-government; Carrying out deception; Organizing in Tens, Hundreds and Thousands; Look at who you’ve elected; Habits of bondage; “Idiotes”; National adultery/fornication; Ex 33:5; God knows your heart; Priest to all nations; Milk and meat; Strengthening the poor; Firing nice ministers; Following righteousness; Deut 4:24; Deut 5:25; Heb 12:29; Sacrifice; Perfect charity; Gathering in the name of Christ; Following God’s direction; Hear your brother.

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