Key 2327 – Exodus – Part 32

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2327

In Exodus 32 and 33, the Israelites are being instructed to deal with their ornaments. Making the assumption that has to do with jewelry is trivializing the true meaning.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: April 8, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Symbolism in Exodus; Unmooring meaning from ritual; Altars of God – freewill offerings only; Freedom of choice; Improper word translations; Preparing to draw near to God; Divine inspiration; Ever-present apostasy; Symbolic Hebrew; Entering captivity; Pharaoh’s “free” bread; Degrees of burden; The road to liberty under God; Exodus 32 review; Processing Exodus; Ways to get lost; Burning gold?; Golden calf; “god”; Right to choose; Idolatry; Government “services”; Forcing kingdom of heaven?; Col 3:5; Giving up you God-given rights; Pilate’s riots; Purpose of offerings; Corban; Fervent charity; “Put to death”; Exodus 33; “ornaments”; non-geographical land; Perizzite; Are “ornaments” jewelry?; Portable land; “curse” vs “honor”; Do you know Moses?; Tabernacle of the congregation; “worship”; The blame game; Exodus 33:13 The Way; “Israel”; Straying from the path; Personally knowing God; Taking care of the needy of your society; Loving the truth; Sloth = absence of diligence; Loving your enemy; Seeing God’s “face”; Getting rid of your ornaments; Triggered by truth; Honoring father and mother; God is like “hell” to His enemies; kuf-biet-dalet (kabad) = honor; Things we don’t and can’t see – and why; “Stiffnecked” = cruel/hard + neck; “ornament” = mouth/trappings; Your witness – by mouth and deeds; Ayin-dalet-yod; (inspired) kindness/severity of giving/selfishness; Moses’s message = Christ’s message; Being saved – individually; Network of fervent charity; Assembly = ayin-dalet; Mt 5:23; Retaining your right to choose; The solution; double kof?; Actualizing the Way; Networking to love your neighbor; Receive the glory (grace) of God.

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