Key 2332 – Exodus – Part 37

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2332

If people really understood the meanings of things discussed in Exodus—like wave offerings and garments—we wouldn’t be living under governments of treachery and deceit.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: April 29, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Christ Messiah; Believing you are a Christian?; Are you with the father?; What does your image of Jesus look like? What Moses taught; The Exodus journey; Wave and heave offerings; Information network; Herding; Self-organization; Social network of charity; Getting out of Babylon; Being ready to leave; Re-learning neighborhood; God’s real salvation; Exodus 35; Symbolism of the temple; Why burn sheep?; Abraham’s army; Guidance by Holy Spirit; “Congregation” Ayin-dalet-hey (witness); Thought, speech and action; Children of Israel; Honestly consecrating yourself; Strong delusion; Evidence of Christianity; Reputation; Truth vs wishful thinking; Ex 35:2 – sabbath; Working to earn your rest; “Put to death”; Kindling fire?; “Blue” tav-kuf-lamed-tav; Breeches; Exploring the symbolism; Seeing things truthfully; Individual improvement; Babysitter cows; Promised land; Tabernacle; Egyptian social safety net; Heave (moving up) and wave (spreading out) offering; Millionaire ministers/public servants?; Graft and corruption; Burnt offerings; Becoming merchandise/human resources; Ex 35:21; “Contribution”; Freewill charity; Cities of blood; Garments?; What God needs from you; Caesar’s title of “son of god”; Practicality; Tabernacles of the congregation; “Worshipping”; Bible for government of, for and by the people; Ex 36; Wise-hearted people; Egyptian bondage; Religion? Or socialism?; Not OK to covet; Constantine’s *new* church; Altar of incense?; God writing on your heart and mind; Lycurgus; Sweet savor rising up (freewill offerings); Body of Christ; Jury precedents; Seek His kingdom and His righteousness.

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