Key 2331 – Exodus – Part 36

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2331

An extended look at Exodus 34, starting with the idea of meat seethed in its mother’s milk and moving onto altars of unhewn stone, snares, and who exactly are today’s Canaanites.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: April 22, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Mixing meat and milk; Bizarre interpretations; Listening to God; Quieting your mind; Meditation; Doing mischief; Carrying your weight; Peculiarity; Covetousness; Interpretation of the Holy Spirit; Drawing near to the Lord; Middle of Leviticus; The second Ten Commandments; Re-reading for deeper understanding; Making connections; Connecting you with the Holy Spirit; God gives you free choice; Falling away; Exodus 34:1; The second set of commandments; Avoiding mischief; God commanding Moses; Eating of the Tree of Life; God writing upon your heart and mind; Accepting the consequences of your choices; Wrath of God; Forgiveness?; Recompence; Sin of the golden calf?; Idolatry; Col 3:5; The way back to God; Covetous practices; Common purse; Arts of the temple; Grain reserves; Church by grain?; God’s protection?; Eph 5:5; 1 Cor 5:10; Contractual fornication; Proclaiming of the name of God; Mercy + Justice; Accountability; God’s criteria for graciousness; Longsuffering; Abundance; Strengthening; Driving out mischief; Avoiding snares; Rom 11:9; Altars of sacrifice; Organizing Israel; Precedents of Moses; Are there just people to belong to your jury?; Contracting with public religion; nun-tav-tzedek = “destroy” and “overturn”; Eating of sacrifices to other gods; Molten gods?; Appearing before the LORD – not empty-handed; Mimicking Israel; Ex 34:27; Moses’ social safety net; Justice + Mercy + Faith; Placement of “seething kid in mother’s milk”.

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