Key 2288 – Exodus – Part 7

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2288

Israel’s salvation was dependent on their outstretched arms and the circumcision of their hearts. Their hearts could not be circumcised until their pure religion was put into action.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: December 31, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

What did the author mean to share?; Making Moses a “god”; Sanskrit; White Pines peace treaty; Picture languages; Symbols and patterns of ideas; Knowing the author/teacher; Passing the test; Re-creating “good” feelings; Addiction to bondage; Power grids; Becoming “Man”; Trees in the Garden; Choosing to see; What is evil?; What is darkness?; Ex 5:6 “officer”; Moses’ fear; Living in darkness/evil; What are we wrong about?; God wants you to be free souls; Canaanites = Human traffickers; Becoming merchandise; Overcoming evil; Hardening Pharaoh’s heart; Consequences of choice; Phylacteries; Meditation; Ex 6:1; “Studying”; God’s puzzle; Prayerful meditation; No “am” in Hebrew?; YHVH; Double-letter words (double Tav); Doing the word; Egyptian bondage strengthening Israelites; Moses’ outstretched arms; Following the precepts of God; Faith; Getting to Israel; Exodus from one Way into another; What will it take to get YOU to move forward?; v10; Circumcision of the heart; Cruel bondage; Admitting when you’re wrong; Ex 6:13 – “charge” (command) to leave; Moses and Jesus in agreement; Real Christians practice Pure Religion; Egyptian mercy toward Israel; Preparing for liberty under God; v14-25 – Aaron/Moses lineage; Hearkening unto Moses; Turning belief into action; Bloodline is not enough; Lovers of light; Taking steps towards the kingdom; Snowden/Stossel conversation; Turn your belief into action.

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