Key 2330 – Exodus – Part 35

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2330

Exodus includes an instruction not to boil a kid in its mother’s milk. This has become a useless Jewish ritual because the extremely practical and applicable metaphor has been forgotten.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: April 15, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Understanding biblical text; The entire picture; Navigating problems; Disaster among modern Christians/Jews; Doing the will of the father; Right Reason; Evidence of Sin; Virtue; Consequences of Sin; Righteous mammon; Mis-defining words; “Worship”; Ignoring Christ’s requirements; “Smiting”; “Put to death”; Portable wealth; Golden statues; Practicality of God’s plan; Wave offering; Ex 23:19; Ex 34:26; Milk and meat; Libera res publica; Naked = stripped of authority; Tree of Life; One purse; “Street”; “Adultery” in the bible; God’s binding; Network of caring; Aaron’s folly; First fruits to the House of the Lord; Sacrificing freely; Property tax; Ministers’ pure religion; Seething a kid in mother’s milk?; Food law?; Popularity of priests; Are you in a free society; Excessive compassion; The witch next door; Weakening children; Requiring responsibility; Overcoming; Redistribution of wealth; Social safety net snare; Strengthening the poor; Seeking public servants; Waving offerings to the (other) priests; Indian feast story; Anxious to come to neighbor’s aid; “My Left Foot”; Raising adults; “Charlotte’s story”; Making schools based on liberty; Status to be free; The Way of the Lord; Ministers empower people; Nicolaitans and Balaam; Becoming a conquered people; Repentance; Comprehending the metaphor; Public vs Private religion; befriending unrighteous mammon; Brickmaking for Pharaoh; Putting to death; Knowing the gospel; Tabernacles of the congregation; Approach the light.

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