Key 2287 – Exodus – Part 6

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2287

The necessity of building community, the benefits of meditation, and proper charity within the context of recent shows about Exodus.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: December 24, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Reprinted books; Nostradamus; Revelation; Wanting an edge; Fake Christs; Censorship; Workers of iniquity; Pharaoh’s hardened heart; Gender assignment; Grooming; Society born in Family; Guarding your generations; Public school; Paying forward violence; “Doctrines” taught by Jesus; Pure Religion; “Whole truth” or lie; Covetousness; Hitting girls; Mountains of Samaria; Altars of clay and stone; Judging others; Bringing questions to the Tree of Life; Spiritual depth; Emotion vs spirit; The Great Reset; GMOs; The will of God; Egyptian income tax; Brickmaking; Burdening Israel; “Community”; Depending on each other; Networking contacts; “Love”?; Confirming truth; Sabbath; Delusion; Doubling Hebrew letters; Creation of physical world; Two trees; Spiritual direction; Surrendering your will for His; Meditation; Dopamine; Signs of obedience; Charity vs force; Waiting upon the Lord; Recognizing God’s will; Q: Is “Die Hard” a Christmas movie?; Humor of Christ; Discernment of charity; Strengthening the poor; What did Jesus do?; Servants and sons; Be willing to serve.

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