Key 2286 – Exodus – Part 5

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2286

There is a tremendous use of symbology in Exodus just as there is throughout the bible. The making of bricks without straw provided by the Pharaoh is a great example.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: December 24, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

The meaning of Exodus; Israel, a family; Abraham – man of faith; Heart and mind; “Gimel” as a double letter; (tav, gimmel, mem, lamed); Hebrew double meaning; Serving tabernacle of the congregation; Honor/fatten; Creation of generations; Community; Socialism; Nimrod’s “new deal”; Doctrinal statement of Jesus Christ and His Church; Metaphor and allegory; gimel-yod-mem-lamad; Cause+effect; Justified repayment; Consequences of understanding real Jesus; Describing “gimel”; Double-gimel; Ex 5:1; chet-gimel-gimel (feast); gog – magog; Covetousness; Taxation; Knowing by what people do; Religion; Sophistry; Distorting doctrine; Trinity; God doesn’t owe you; Love/Charity; Private interpretation; Added letters to Hebrew words; Inerrancy; Interpreting through Tree of Life; Letter doubling: spiritual + physical or spirit + truth; Faith; Religious duty; Pharisees out of agreement with Moses; Language distortion; Letter of law; Cause/effect idea; “Burning Bush”; Blessings/curses; Nakedness; Breeches; Voluntary community; Power of choice; Charity = giving out of love; Charity story; Weakening the poor; Exodus 5:1 – feast unto God; “Worship” requiring sacrifice; Making bricks?; Water filters?; Finding straw for bricks; Ex 5:12 – making contacts; Moses not understanding; Extra burden – get straw – making contacts; Indian well; Filtering drinking water; Strengthening Israelites; Diminishing birthrate; Living by faith, not force; Living altars/stones; City of blood; Setting your neighbor free; Ex 6:1; “driven out”; Trickling truth; “Rabbit Stick”; Kingdom patterns; Networking to meet extra burdens; ex: overcoming censorship; Bible truth: Become free souls under God.

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