Key 2305 – Exodus – Part 11

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2305

The plague of locusts in Exodus 10 ultimately lead to Pharaoh placing a curse on his own house. In Exodus 11 we see the Israelites making preparations to leave.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: January 21, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Bondage of Egypt?; 20% income tax; Social safety net; Climate change; Capitalism; Oregon split – a new captivity?; A new Moses?; Kingdom taxes?; Things Christians should know; Covetous practices; Pharisees; Eating from the Tree of Life; Rulers and dainties; Education by plagues; “Hardened” heart; Benefit addiction; Seeking His kingdom and His righteousness; Follow along at; Fundamentals of scripture; Free stuff!; Setting the captive (you) free; “Charagma”?; The Beast; Creeds and doctrines; Restoration of Church property; Your choice today; Rightly dividing the bread; “Instant Christians”; Repentance; Learning the hard way; Guidance from the Lord; What are we missing?; Weaving wedding garments; Destroying family relationships; Ex 10:1 – Eight plague (locusts); Kabed – hardening; Being fruitful; Noticing value; Serving Pharaoh; Humility; Grasshoppers; Warnings to Pharaoh; Regular gatherings; Water vases; Relationships with Egyptians; Providing for one another; Salvation from illness; God’s way vs the way of the world; Law of nature; Who can go?; A different hardening of Pharaoh’s heart; Marriage commitment; v29; “Spoken well”; dalet-biet-resh-tav; God is speaking to you right now; Social safety net; Repenting of covetousness; Repercussions; Ex 11; Selling your brother into bondage; Working as a team; What is a woman?; Are you ready for freedom? Greatness of Moses; Borrowing silver and gold; “Israel”; “Anger” of Moses; The great psychologist; Organizing Israel – then and now; Fulfilling your commitment; Instituting the Passover; Two trees to use; Modern Passover stories; Ritual of shared sacrifice; Curing depression; “Borrow” – shin-aleph-lamad = “ask”; vav+yod+shin-alef-lamad+vav = give up entirely; Ref Ex 3:22; vav-yod-tav-vav = “gave”?; Come together to care; Extend your love; Become a doer of the word.

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