Key 2333 – Exodus – Part 38

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2333

In Exodus 37-39 we read details about the construction of the Tabernacle. They seem arcane and arbitrary until the metaphors are understood.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: April 29, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Building the tabernacle – substantial, mobile structure; Badger hides?; Movers of the tabernacle; Courts; Moses’ precedents; Non-vengeful God; “Put to death”; Misinterpretation; Reviewing Ex 36; aleph-yod-shen; Extra Hebrew letters; What were Levites doing?; Living altars; Voluntary society; Forming “community”; Having communion; Service through faith; Heave and Wave offerings; Worshipping from their own tent?; Herod’s baptism; Function of temples; Herman the German; Forcing your neighbor to pay for your benefits; Constantine’s church; Thieves of socialism; Following Christ; Rehashing Ex 37; Incense altar – very small; “Horns”; Killing bugs; Strengthening your nation; What bound the Israelites?; “Sweet” incense; Ex 38; Burnt offerings; Families are building blocks of the kingdom; Raising children; Carrying the altar; Connecting you to history; Tabernacle of testimony; Needing information from Holy Spirit; Ex 39; Color symbols; “Treachery”?; Tithing; Counterfeit temples; Follow Christ!

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