Key 2282 – Exodus – Part 1

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2282

Moses was the legitimate ruler of Israel when he told Pharaoh, “Let my people go.” Israel had a system of government that caused them to grow and prosper even under bondage.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: December 10, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Coming out of her; Bondage of Egypt, Walled-in camp, Revelation; Interpreting Torah; “Called out”; In, but not of the “world”; Roman Offices; Republic -> Empire; “Temples”; Creatures; Kingdom of God; Ex 1; Genesis review of Israel; Taken by pirates; Egypt and slavery; “Corvee”; 20% tax; Reserve fund; Understanding history; Ex 1:8; Task masters = mem-semech; Tribute; Work projects for Pharaoh; Dearth salvation; Pharaoh’s grain; Prosperity in Israel during bondage; Grain trade; Affliction; Service with “rigor”; v15 Midwives kill sons; “Charged” – statutory law; “One child” in China; Sold themselves (Gen 47:24); Civil membership; Moses; Abortion; Becoming savages; Missing covetousness; Natural Law; Forced payment; Acts 7:19; Moses; Trial of Stephan; Abortion; Population collapse; Lowering birthrate; “Brephos”; Pessary; Exceeding fair? “God of the city”; Public religion; vs Pure religion; Moses – rightful Pharaoh; Moses as prophet; Individuals vs groups; Balaam and Nicolaitans; Christian trials; “Let MY PEOPLE go”; Setting men free; Snared by welfare; Bondage in the whole world; Bible: Religion or Government?; Church = one form of government; PS 69:23; Ecc 2:14; Rom 11:10; Darkened eyes; John 3:19; Covetous practices; Christ forbade it; Ignoring Christ’s teachings; Marcus Aurelius; Evil; Jn 8:12; Ac 26:17; Rom 13:11; Free bread?; Moses pulled from the water; Archeological evidence of Moses; Red heifer?; Emotional righteousness?; Providing for the way of Christ; Levites; Strengthening the poor; Repentance; Becoming doers of His word; Lessons of Exodus; Missing the Gospel; Charity; Lady Godiva; Hating leaders; Kingdome of God other form of government; Learn to be free souls under God.

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