Key 2283 – Exodus – Part 2

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2283

Early life of Moses prepared him to be a wise leader of a strong, responsible people.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: December 10, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Exodus as important as gospels; Coveting; Stoicism; Marcus Aurelius; Virtue; Divine will; Stoics hating Christians?; Only individuals find kingdom; Bible study program; Pearls in programs; Repentance; Asking Jesus questions; Ex 2: Birth of Moses; tet-vav-biet (goodly, bringing prosperity); God of the city; Moses had 2 horns?; Secret for 3 months; Daughter of Pharaoh (Tuthmosis I?); 2:11 – Moses flees to Midian; Moses: learned of Egypt; Hatshepsut very philanthropic; Moving from bondage to freemen; Branches of government endowed with powers; Men hauling water; Moses + Zipporah begat Gershom; Rights vested in individuals; Offices of power; Folly of king Saul; Ignorance in modern churches; Hearing the cries of others; 2:23 reason of the bondage; God respecting His children; Effectual individuals; Bondage/merchandise; Covenanting/contracting away your rights; Thief example; Consequences from law of nature; Biting one another; Reducing religion; Beneficial consequences; Idolatry; Egyptian collapse after Israelites left; Song of Moses and of the lamb; Tiffany question – natural instinct; Conflict in men, not animals – war, abortion, …; Caring for next generation; And care for neighbor; Passenger pigeons; Need for gathering together – regularly; Idea of covetousness; Fear not, forgive, and love; Learning to rely on tree of life; Covetousness changes nature; Domestication; vs Free souls under God; Do good because it’s good for you.

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