Key 2284 – Exodus – Part 3

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2284

At the burning bush, God explains to Moses the strategy for coming out of Egypt. Instead of dependence on the legal charity and stimulus of Egypt, his people must set up systems of pure religion and private charity.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: December 17, 2022

Show Notes

00:01:45 Coming out and staying separate from the bondage of Egypt; Law of Nature = Nature’s God = Divine Will = Right Reason; Tree of Knowledge; Tree of Life; Garden = Guarded Knowledge
00:04:30 Expressing complex concepts with simple parables
00:09:45 Responding to Facebook post about church
00:14:25 Sons of God; Corban of the Pharisees made the Word of God to none effect
00:16:20 Professional tracker (gregbio)
00:20:55 Network of tens hundreds and thousands; Cities of Refuge; Daily Bread
00:23:00 Bondage of Egypt
00:24:35 Church = Ecclesia = The Called Out (for the purposes of government); Can’t exercise authority; Kingdom of God, Merchandise; Human Resources; The Way
00:30:00 Stimulus Package; Burning Bush event; Horab; Shepherds of flocks; Priest of Midian
00:36:40 The name of Moses
00:43:40 Sabbath; Cry Out
00:47:20 Mountain of God; Serve; Worship
00:50:00 Name
01:00:00 Levites; Called Out; Church in the Wilderness; Church = One form of government
01:01:40 Sheriff requested county funds; Stimulus; Legal Charity
01:06:30 Altars of Clay and Stone; Living Stones
01:14:00 Egyptian gave Israelites gifts of gold as they left; Philus; Every woman shall “borrow” = To ask
01:22:30 Golden Calf; One Purse; Social Bonds; Love = Charity
01:27:35 Elder; Christian Conflict; Public Religion; Pharisees; Sanhedrin; Unspotted by the world; Legal Charity
01:31:37 Foolishiness of Saul; Workers of Iniquity; Gabbai & Mokhes
*01:36:00 Pure Religion; Baptism of Christ; Synagogue; Sadducees; Essenes; Covetous Practices; Merchandise, Human Resources; Curse Children; Dainties; Deceibtful Meats

Paul’s Notes

Exodus = coming out – of bondage; Moses’ mission; Declaration of Independence; Nature’s God; Right reason; Two trees; Inspiration; Simplification; Coaxing you out of the Tree of Knowledge back to Tree of Life; “Church” discussion; Idea ology; Distorting the puzzle; Knowing Moses; Children of God; God’s plan for Christ; Piecing together truth; Church networking; Returning to bondage; Fair shares?; Ekklesia = “called-out assembly” to do something; Little flock; Free people under God; Plight of Joseph; “Stimulus”; Exodus 3:1; “Horeb”; Burning bush; Nature replenishing itself; Bringing Moses out; Grounding; Oppression – strengthening; Are hard times coming soon?; Reasons for being in bondage; Taxing the rich?; Sabbath; 1 Sam 8:18; 2 Cor 6:17; Taskmasters; Serving God – being bondservants; God’s “name”?; “I AM THAT I AM”; Serving through faith; (abad?) tav-ayin-beit-daleth-vav-nun + aleph-tav; Finding the right path; Seek first the kingdom and righteousness; Ex 3:15; “Levites” and “Church” called out; One form of government; Legal charity; vs Fervent charity; God of their fathers; Teaching elders; Ex 3:19; Altars; Judging begets judgement; Thriving through hard times; Portable wealth; Are you in the bondage of Egypt?; Ex 3:22; Borrow = vav-shem-aleph-lamad-hey (ask); Neighbor?; Gifts by faith; Plunder/spoil?; Moses account; Don’t bind yourself; Love and charity; Kingdom through generations; Believing without signs; Becoming alive to Christ; Church authority; Public religion; Jesus’ transfer of kingdom; World jealousy; Saul’s folly; Servant government; Gauging your Christianity; Accepting Jesus as king; Synagogues; Losing your (pure) religion; Welfare snare; Live by faith.

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