Key 2285 – Exodus – Part 4

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2285

We see lots of arcane symbolism in Exodus 4 that indicates there is a much deeper message in the story.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: December 17, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Exodus = departure from bondage; Set the captive free; Pure Religioncharity; vs Force; Redistributing YOUR wealth; 20% taxation to Egypt; Moses’ right to the throne; Ex 4:1; Stop believing the lie; Rod of Moses; Relating Moses to today; “Miracles”; Blood upon dry land?; Moses – slow of speech; Anger of the lord?; Ex 4:15; Teaching kingdom; Jethro; Priests of Egypt?; Separation from bondage; v20: returned to Egypt; Gathering autonomous families together; Limiting priest’s authority; Biblical constitution; Deut 17; “Israel” born of faith; Faith vs force; v24; Circumcision?; “Wrath” of God = consequence; Caesar, son of god; “JESUS CHRIST KING OF THE JEWS”; Follow Jesus or not Israel; Moses meets with Aaron; Jumping scenes; Retelling stories; Moses knew arts of the temple; v31 The people believed; Questions answered; Willingness to see our own error; America: land of benefits; Handling taxation money – not charity; Ruling by violence; Government without losing rights = Kingdom of God; Joining the network; Take a risk and gather in love.

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