Key 2281 – Offices of Authority – Part 4

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2281

Those in civil authority are much different than those who have natural authority due to the respect they’ve earned from others.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: December 3, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

The Law; Ten Commandments; Sabbath?; Borrowing life/time?; Confession; Totalitarianism; Chinese reaction; Cancelling/turning off; Degrees of freedom; Military example; Leadership; Civil law; Who’s in charge?; Seeking kingdom of God and His righteousness; Know your goal; Fear leads to manipulation; Wokeism; Corrupting power; Saul syndrome; Pedestals; Transhumanism; GMOs; Salvation?; Jesus said, “Fear not!”; Following Christ to overcome fear; Pater Familia; Offices in The Church; Ministration by world governments; “Beast” system = anti-Christ; East Timor example; Take-over transition to new world order; Evidence against your Christianity; How to repent and seek His kingdom; Substituting ritual for spiritual life; Panic = caught up in fear; The voice of truth; Cultivating truth (Spirit of God) within you; Whole truth; Quantifying offices; Family – institution of Kingdom; Coming together respecting each other’s rights; Tens, hundreds and thousands; Baggage; Loving the light; Peculiar people; Union -> Communion; Pure Religion; Following the anointing of Christ; Fear not!

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