Key 2334 – Exodus – Part 39

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2334

Due to the idolatry of coveting our neighbor’s goods through benefactors who exercise authority, we have returned to the bondage of Egypt that Moses warned against.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: May 6, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Exodus 40; What’s missing from our understanding?; Charity; Strong delusion; Covetous practices; Benefits -> consequences; Perils of the shutdown; Sabbath; Social safety net; Votive offering; nun-dalet-resh (nadar); nun-dalet-biet = freewill offering; Oppression; Redemption; Moses’ people; Wimpy economy; American example; “Cash”?; The society Moses created; Hierarchies of service; Constitutions and Deuteronomy; Ex 40; Setting up for business; Tiny tabernacle; Offerings burned by fire?; Social welfare through charity; Family priests; Bondage to God; Ex 40:1; Sacred symbols; Approaching the bible; Burnt offerings; Symbolism of incense; Following Moses and Christ; Cost-sharing programs; Garments; Waiving your rights; Feeling the pain of tribute; Garment coloring for high priests; Biblical practicality; Herod’s temple defiled; Nu 11:16; Appointing 70; Luke 10:1; Law of nature; Are you hearing the voice of God?; Nu 12:3; Duties; Juries; Empowering individuals; Appetites for benefits; Sharing with neighbors; Nimrod the provider – instead of the Lord; Sacrificing for neighbor; Help from the priests; Washing at the laver; Jesus washing feet; The called-out; Doing what God is telling you to do; Drawing near to God; Freedom of hate speech; v34 cloud covering; Cursing your children; Grievous bondage; Legal charity; Col 3:5; Wrath of God; Idolatry; 1 Cor 5:10; Sabbath-keeping to remain free; Setting your neighbor free; “Love”; Strengthening the poor; Repent and seek His kingdom and righteousness.

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