Key 2419 – John Part 10

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2419

In John 10, Jesus explains that His sheep know his voice. Would it be far-fetched to speculate that those who practice legal charity rather than fervent charity are hearing the voice of another shepherd?

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: March 23, 2024

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Kingdom of God and how it works; Bible study; What is the truth? Right? Wrong?; Tree of Knowledge; Rabbit trails; Understanding bible in historical context; Stoning Jesus?; How are you conforming to Moses and Christ?; Timing of “John”; Moses talking to the light; Getting comfort; Knowing Jesus; World needs saving; “I am”; John 10:1 “Verily verily”; Truth about yourself; Saul’s folly; Forced sacrifice; “parable”; side-by-side comparison; Deut 17; Organizing in Kingdom of God; Suggestions for your constitution; Serving your fellow man; Jesus as the door; Capitalists with charity; Kingdom nature; Eating flesh of Christ?; Repentance = thinking differently; Good shepherd; Freedom of choice; Hearing the voice of the shepherd; Other sheep?; Humility; Laying down our lives; Feast of the dedication?; Being of the Father; Solomon’s porch?; Graven images; Hewing stones of the altars; Supporting Christ’s ministry; Scattered flocks of the world; “Blasphemy” – making one’s self “God”; Evidence of truth; Works?; Fighting evil; Patterns of networking; Free assemblies; Christ’s wealth; Government of, for and by the people; Christ’s crafty escapes; Accepting untrue truths; Sophistry; Strengthening the poor; Welfare snares; Deliverance into death?; Pure republics; Campaign financing corruption; Taking back your responsibilities; “Jesus Christ is King”; Rome in Judea?; “No king but Caesar”?; Think like Christ.

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