Key 2191 – John 3 Part 2

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2191

Most who consider themselves “born again” are actually in the “bondage of Egypt” because of covetous practices and they fail to comprehend the message of John 3.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: December 11, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Being born of water; And the spirit; Individual journey taken with others; Pictorial languages; Making living things stronger; John 3:22; Baptism; Apostasy; John 4:2; Parenthesis; Using Greek sources; “Disciples”; Engaging in covetous practices = evil; Slothful under tribute; Gathering Christ’s way; Voluntary society; Washing feet; Calendars; Born again workers of iniquity?; John 3:19; Bound in debt; Altering the deal; Church and State; Caring for neighbor; Apprenticeship; Recognizing your bondage; Doing truth; Dark deeds; Your need to help; Forgiving debt; Finding your way back to the father; Developing kingdom skills; Cultivating forgiveness; Releasing anger; Redemption; Christ’s baptism; Are you ready?; Getting God to hear you; Reacquiring your rights; Great reset?; Seeing what you’re missing; The Real Jesus; Early Church organization; Get ready – repent


[00:00:53] Real Jesus, Born Again
[00:11:04] John 3:2 (in parenthesis); Jesus baptized
[00:13:15] Disciples of John and of Jesus; Care for others through charity, not force
[00:15:42] Forcing a neighbor to contribute to your welfare is evil; Bondage of Egypt
[00:20:30] Jesus and his disciples were baptizing
[00:23:23] Jesus in the tomb three days? Solar, lunar and Sidereal calenders; Sabbath; Provide for mother and father
[00:27:50] John 3:19 Men love darkness rather than light
[00:29:15] Altering social security
[00:31:00] Church and State
[00:32:55] John 3:20; Benjamin Franklin was sold into an apprenticeship; Social Security was never solvent
[00:38:08] John 3:21; Nicolaitans
[00:41:45] 100 years ago, most welfare in American was taken care of with charity
[00:45:05] Baptism; Essenes;
[00:48:25] Redemption

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