Key 2190 – John 3 Part 1

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2190

The dialogue between Jesus and Nicodemus in John 3 is filled with meaning not understood by modern Christians, so much so that John 3:16 is the most misunderstood verse of the bible.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: December 11, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Good news of the kingdom; Repercussions of becoming free; Moses’ good news; Calling out Levites; Learning how to love your neighbor; One purse = socialism; Honoring (fattening) mother and father; Bondage of Egypt; Where you are at; Compelled offerings are not charity; Legal charity weakens society; Power corrupts; God’s way; Examples of weakened society; Delusion of freedom; Misinterpreting John 3; God remains the same; Praying for mercy; Extending mercy to neighbor; John 3 abused; Greek based; Pharisees/Sadducees/Zealots were political parties; Stone temple fallacy; Nicodemus the Pharisee came to Jesus; Explaining the gospel; Baptism; Seeing/entering kingdom of God; Getting to our fallen state; Selling our birthright; How we got into trouble; Gathering for one another; Share, forgive, give in love; Your mark of the beast; Born again process; Guiding spirit; Understanding heavenly things; “Master” of Israel?; Better “Teacher”; Temporal context; Sanhedrin were to teach the law, not legislate; Drawing near to Holy Spirit; Do not mistake emotion for the Holy Spirit; Judge not; Keeping the Sabbath holy; John 3:16 God loving the “world”; 3:17 – the world MIGHT be saved; 3:18 the “name” of Christ; 3:19 – the world’s evil deeds; 3:20 The DOers of evil – taking a bite of their neighbor; Repent and do truth; Faith without works is dead; Follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit; v22 – Jesus baptizing; Christ, the anointed, the messiah; John the Baptist the rightful High Priest; Our deeds are evidence of who we are; Congregationalism vs Kingdom; Men and their families; Family is a Godly unit; Synagogue; “Corban” = sacrifice; Making men merchandise; The “way” of the real Christ; “Born again” in earlier history;


[00:01:04] The Kingdom of God was at hand with Jesus; Moses was there to set the people free; Government benefits cut off by Pharoah; Moses was rightful heir to the throne
[00:04:50] David’s repentance
[00:07:10] Levites served ten families; Golden calf, One Purse
[00:09:16] Honor mother and father; “to fatten”
[00:10:40] Bondage of Egypt; Same thing happened at the time of Christ
[00:15:05] Legal Charity
[00:18:00] Society became weak and was forced to wear masks
[00:19:56] Paul in context of Jesus
[00:24:03] Start John 3
[00:26:20] Pharisees
[00:31:10] Born Again
[00:35:45] How did we get to the fallen state? Nicolaitan; FDR; LBJ
[00:41:47] Modern Roman Empire; Social Security Number; Mark of the Beast
[00:45:39] Verse 8
[00:49:08] “Master” of Israel = Teacher; Head Master; Master Class; Sanhedrin was not supposed to have legislative power
[00:56:47] Don’t judge others; Sabbath is about debt
[01:03:30] John 3:15-16 Eternal Life…for God so loved the world; The Real Jesus
[01:06:48] Verse 18; Name of God; Character of God
*[01:08:57] Verse 20; Hateth the Light; Saved by government, not by Jesus; Merchandise; Minister McArthur
[01:11:34] Proof of Vaccination for church
[01:15:04] Verse 21
[01:19:52] Verse 22; Jesus baptized; Comes after me
[01:23:28] Verse 30; He must increase, I must decrease
[01:28:17] The Seventy; The 120 in the Upper Room; The Called Out; International network of charity; Corban
[01:31:55] Born again is a phrase used throughout history in many cultures; Merchandise;
*[01:38:31] Redemption

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