Key 2189 – Ignatius of Antioch Part 2

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2189

Because of their dependency on governments of the world, it is difficult for modern Christians to understand Ignatius who was addressing early Christians that participated in a parallel government based on charity.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: December 4, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Offices of the family; Families purposefully gathering together; “Religion”; Caring for neighbors; The kingdom of God at hand; Pure Religion; Cursing your children with debt; Home churching; “deacon”; Christ’s way vs Judean/Roman Temples; “Ignatius of Antioch” or “Theophorus”; Writer/humorist; Tens, Hundreds and Thousands exemplified; Allowing others’ right to choose; No force!; Jesus made manifest; “place of God”; Translators are traitors; “presbyter” = “elder”; Holy Spirit’s presence; Returning choice to individuals; Adam and Eve hiding; Your church’s doctrines – of Christ or men?; Being “with” the Father; Ignatius’s journey; John 10:34; Choosing gods; “Elder” is not a Church office; You can’t free yourself; Church hierarchy; Constantine’s church and councils; Apostolic succession; Feel-good ministers; Holy Spirit is your comforter; Being bound by love; Harmony with God; Choose well your deacon; Daily ministration of charity; Remove tyranny from your heart.


[00:00:50] Family enmeshment
[00:08:57] Quarantine camps in Australia
[00:10:05] Conversation with Homechurchers
[00:11:23] Early church congregations of tens hundreds and thousands did not accept benefits of Rome
[00:13:08] Home church group asks about Ignatius of Antioch
[00:18:05] Lots of people were no longer going to the central government temples for welfare because they were gathering in congregations of 10
[00:23:35] Start Ignatius quote: “Take care to do all things in harmony with God.”
[00:24:18] “Place of God” is not a hierarchy; Presbytor = Elder = Head of family
[00:30:36] Romans 13: Power of choice; Exousia; Eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
[00:33:46] Church preachers don’t know what the bible says
[00:36:05] Seven Lepers: Escorting soldiers
[00:37:40] Ye are Gods = Ruling judges
[00:39:17] Volunteer Fire Department
*[00:41:37] Office of deacon, even bishop, is not a position of authority over the people; Greatest among you is the greatest servant
[00:46:10] Constantine and Council of Nicaea
[00:48:30] Fifties
*[00:50:50] Tithingman, Alderman, Hundredsman
[00:54:39] Second Amendment

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