Key 2188 – Ignatius of Antioch Part 1

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2188

Ignatius had similar experiences to those of Paul when dealing with Roman courts. Understanding that history gives us clearer insight into the Kingdom.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: December 4, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Got questions? We find answers; Knowing the bible; Confederate secession; Constitutional ratification?; U.S. separate government; Missing history; Denominations; “Accepted” biblical interpretations; Modern brain washing; Twisting cognitive dissonance; Living for the herd; Life cycle; Political hijacking of agenda; Preaching anti-Christ; Psychological “enmeshment”; Questioning basic “beliefs”; Examining the idols you worship; Early Church networking; Organizing by tens, hundreds and thousands; Jethro and Moses; Resolving conflict; What binds the kingdom together?; “gods”; Golden calf; Pharaoh’s gold; History of God’s kingdom; Emotional pressure on children; Parental giants; Allowing children choices; Setting righteous boundaries; Freedom of speech; Autonomy of families; Church = called out to serve congregations; Free society; Taxless, but responsible for needs of neighbor – voluntary; Bound by love; Seeing reality around you; Blind guides; Substituting emotion for spirit; Trying to show light in darkness; Light-haters; Creating connections of substance; Trajan conversing with Theophorus (Ignatius); The charity difference; “Religion”; James 1:27; Visiting (caring for) the afflicted; Fitting the puzzle; Setting the people free; No compelled contribution; Bondage of Egypt; Free assemblies, freewill offerings; Tithing according to service; Fifties; Minister job description; International network of charity; Paul’s tent-making; Story of Ignatius of Antioch; Christian and Rhomaios – in possession of your rights; vs Quires – subject citizen; Paul’s appeal to Rome; Baptism of thousands; “Elders”; Are you a “god”?; Ignatius’ writings; “Presbyter” = counsel: position/office of family; Family = corporation of God/Nature; Congregation = free assembly (not corporation); Ignatius’ sense of humor; Taken to Rome/away from Antioch; Appeal of Christianity; Social safety net; Becoming merchandise; Free country?; Gather to strengthen others.


[00:01:25] Evangelicals with no knowledge of the bible; Legality of secession; Articles of Confederation;
[00:06:50] Christian texts excluded from the bible
[00:08:36] Google New brainwashing; Cognitive Dissonance; Symbiotic relationship with animals raised
[00:17:20] Enmeshment in its abusive state = incest
[00:18:30] Husband sacrificing for wife like Christ did for Church
[00:24:00] Early church was a network; What about the fifties?; Pattern of tens, hundreds, and thousands used throughout history
[00:28:50] Golden calf
[00:35:55] Lesbian women projecting into their male son; Child abuse; Emotional incest
[00:38:33] Legal case handled by Greg’s dad (gregbio)
[00:46:28] Church is the “called out” to serve the tabernacles of the congregations
[00:50:00] Home church
[00:55:06] Trajan; Temples of Rome were government buildings
[00:57:00] Pure Religion; Bondage of Egypt
[01:08:25] Fifties
[01:13:00] Paul’s family: Pricilla and Aquilla; Claudia; Linus
[01:14:55] UN shutting down domains
[01:15:30] Ignatius of Antioch
*[01:16:28] Romaios; Was Paul a Roman Citizen?
[01:25:55] Elder; family is the corporation of God
[01:30:06] More on Ignatius
[01:35:25] Covetous Practices; Peter explained how we become merchandise

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