Key 2187 – You Don’t Know What Religion Is

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2187

We play religion while being in the bondage of Egypt and owning nothing. Only by attending to the weightier matters as Jesus instructed can we ever hope to free our children of the debt we’ve heaped upon them.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: November 27, 2021

Show Notes

Workers of Iniquity
Covetous Practices
Cursed Children
Strange Wives
Tens Hundreds and Thousands
Freewill Offerings
Living Stones
Bondage of Egypt
Pure Religion
Strong Delusion
Legal Title
Wages of Unrighteousness
Weightier Matters

Paul’s Notes

Workers of iniquity – opposing Christ; Understanding where Israel went wrong; Acts 7; Constantine vs Christ; “Worshipping”; The will of the Father; Baptism; Loving your neighbor; Sabbath keeping; Uncircumcision; Substitute Holy Spirit – Emotionalism; Waiting on tables; First century banking; Renewing Corinth; God’s welfare system; Tithing; Function of a minister; Mimicking Pharisees; Ezra – Weeping and Shouting; Church buildings?; Things YOU should know; Two systems in the world; Flowing funds/blood through the body; Knowing prophetic symbolism; Relating to the Holy Spirit; Destruction by Legal Charity; Sharing like John the Baptist; Praying to Government or Church? God not hearing you – why?; Yeshua’s mission; Practicing Pure Religion; Building families together; Creating Kingdom bonds; info; Recognizing your bondage; 2 Peter 2:20; “Legal title”; Property/use tax; HHC Information is free; Titus 1:15; Wages/Rewards of unrighteousness; Believing in your religion; Serving the people voluntarily through love and faith; Don’t be like the Nicolaitans and Balaam; Live the Good News.


[00:01:02] Workers of Iniquity; Home Churches
[00:06:10] Worshipping God; Baptism
*[00:08:07] Social Welfare based on charity; Covetous Practices; Breaking the Sabbath; Cursed Children
[00:13:31] Stoning of Stephen; Wait on Tables = Run a Bank; Corinth
*[00:18:15] Strange Wives; Moses’ welfare system
[00:23:03] Ezra – Old men wept about the building of the false temple
[00:25:55] America’s covetous practices manifested under FDR
*[00:34:21] Why the FDA, CDC, etc. have so much influence over you
*[00:35:24] Building the Kingdom through the children
*[00:39:32] Explanation of PreparingYou logo; Strong Delusion
[00:41:02] Many meanings of “world”
*[00:42:18] Excise taxes; Legal Title; Property Tax
[00:47:38] Titus 1:15 Pure vs Defiled; Wages of Unrighteousness
*[00:49:03] Religion; Weightier Matters; Mammon; Nicolaitan

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