Key 2186 – Imprisoned in Modern Religion

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2186

Because so few understand the simple definition of “pure religion”, today’s seminaries spread claptrap while modern churches further entangle their members into the world.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: November 27, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Modern church?; Seminary; Afghanistan; Faithfulness and martyrs; Allegiance; “Clap-trap”; Image of Christ; Soviet Union – oppressive regime; Cults; 40000+ denominations preaching contrary to Christ; Would die rather than repent; Prison of the mind; How do we know when we’re being manipulated?; Christians – no exercising authority; Christ’s mission – set captives (YOU) free; The Name of God; Atheism?; Roman social welfare – crime not to enroll; Seeking God’s Kingdom; Repentance; Seminary lessons; Blooming where you’re planted; Modern heresies; Brainwashing; Zephaniah; Setting up governmental systems; Saul’s folly; Day-to-day choice; Peculiar people of Israel; The simplicity of the Kingdom of God; Biting one another; Margaret Mead; Who is in apostasy? EkklesiaCalled Out; Social welfare by charity, not force; Choice is key; “Gestapo”; Societal degeneration; Your only hope; Unregistered apostles; Loving Jesus and neighbors; True love; Social Security; Not of this “world”; Forgiveness; Sharing; Pilgrim capitalists; Conforming to Christ; Corban – of Christ; Drawing near God; Organizing by tens, hundreds and thousands; Consequences of covetousness; Cryptic prophets; Helping with your unbelief; What made America great; Your comforter; Seeking truth; Legal charity; We are not to covet!; Understanding the bible; Filling congregations with light; Adam and Even fled light; Modern (house) church?; Synagogues; Rhomaios; Faith in the (non-biblical) Constitution?; Taking care of one another leads to free society; Courts and juries; Freeing yourself?; Losing your inheritance; Strong delusion; 2 Thes 2:11; Believing the lie; Why we gather; Bondage of Egypt; 2 Pe 2:18; Working iniquity; Finding the light in others; Roadmap to the kingdom; Judge not; Satan’s “light”; Join with us.


[00:01:15] Soviet alliegance/martyr; faith vs allegience
[00:05:23] Seminary claptrap
[00:08:00] Cults; Jim Jones Kool-Aid = Vaccination; 40,000 denominations contrary to Christ
[00:13:46] Stockholm Syndrome
[00:16:40] Maternity Leave; Quarantine Camps; Socialism
[00:19:48] Name of God = Character of God
[00:21:37] Christians were persecuted for atheism; Atheist; Temple
[00:23:14] Repent; Repentance = Thinking Differently; Essenes; Pure Religion; Church of Fauci
[00:29:29] Church of Fauci
*[00:36:23] Two Temples of Herod; Laver; Freewill Offerings; Biting One Another
*[00:42:27] Margaret Mead; Healed femur bone; Bondage of Egypt; Charity; Jesus’ family was very wealthy
[00:48:06] Ekklesia = Called out; Human Resources
*[00:51:05] Baptism; Idiotes; Free Assemblies
*[00:53:52] Home Church; Social Security; My kingdom is not of your world
[01:04:24] Prophets; Nostradamus
[01:09:00] Rome; Romulus and Remus; Davy Crockett; Alexis de Toqueville
*[01:16:57] Coveting
*[01:18:39] House churches; Synagogue; Paul (Romaios); Five elements of a biblical constitution; Golden Calf
*[01:24:22] Weightier Matters; Ahmaud Arbery trial; Jury Nullification
*[01:28:51] Strong Delusion; One Purse; Thomas Sowell

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