Key 2130 – Micah 1

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2130

The Book of Micah is filled with extremely interesting metaphors that go over the heads of modern Christians who are doing exactly what the prophet warned against.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: April 10, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Gun Control; Creating chaos; Are you being duped?; Darkening your mind; Confession; Addiction; George Floyd; Media spin; Insane public reaction; Paranoia; Hiding from truth; Predestined by choice; Blaming others; Micah; Grooming for demonic influence; Accepting covetousness; Making God’s word to none effect; Caring as you should; Christ specifically forbade; “Corban”; 2 Pe 2:3; Becoming merchandise; 1 Cor 6:9; Unrighteousness; Salvation by grace; Fruits are evidence; Media hate speech; Website updates; Micah the Morasthite; “Micah”; What’s in a name?; Restoration of Judean state; “Israel”; Nature of God; Rebuke for adultery/idolatry; Worship; You are federal employees; “Zion” = parched place; “Jerusalem” = double peace; Contradictory; Looking for Jerusalem; “Adonai”; God’s opinion is truth; “Lord” vs “LORD”; “Micah” = who is like God; 4: mountains and seas; Uncomfortable days ahead – for us too; Yahweh – the existing one; “debar” – words and patterns; Conflicts with creation; Trusting men over God; Transgression of Jacob – Samaria?; Jacob’s birthright deal; Have you fallen for it too?; “Samaria” = watchmen; Who are your watchmen?; Following the Holy Spirit; Glimpsing the truth; Selling your rights; Forgiving your neighbor’s debt; As you judge, so shall you be judged; Christ is our foundation; v7 – harlot?; Graven images; Volunteerism; Dragons; Symbolism; Sin of Jacob – offering benefits for birthright; Esau sold his; Balaam and Nicolaitan; Through deceit you sell your rights for benefits; Arbitrary division of chapters; Admitting your mistakes; Humility; Your ministers are harlots for hire; Speaking life; If you already knew…; Teaching socialism; Abominations; Repentance; Baldness; Things your ministers aren’t telling you; Drawing near God; Setting your neighbor free; Modern church drawing you deeper into bondage; Listen to the Holy Spirit.


[00:00:55] Pitfalls of gun control
[00:03:00] Blindness to the results of causing injury or trauma to others leads one toward becoming a psychopath; Alcoholics Anonymous
[00:05:42] Rat Park study shows that community and social structure helps ward off drug addiction
[00:07:15] George Floyd’s Fentanyl overdose
[00:13:00] How people predestine themselves; Adam & Eve blamed others instead of taking responsibility
*[00:16:26] Results of instituting a system of corban which makes the Word of God to none effect
[00:23:55] Media fueling riot fires; tampering with George Floyd evidence
[00:25:45] Covid vaccination research; The Science
[00:27:50] Micah study begins
*[00:31:13] Real meaning of Israel
*[00:32:33] Constitutional Adultery; We are all federal government employees now
[00:36:58] Jerusalem means “double peace”
*[00:46:13] Mountains, valleys, seas
*[00:54:27] Transgression of Jacob; Samaria; High places of Judah; Jerusalem
*[1:07:25] Harlot; Beasts; graven images
[1:25:19] Meaning of the world “baldness”

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