Key 2131 – Micah 2

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2131

Modern Christians don’t understand the many metaphors used in the book of Micah and they participate in the very activities that the prophet warned against.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: April 10, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Micah 1 review: The sin of Jacob; Message for all; 2 “Lords”; Jerusalem and Samaria; Baldness; Prostitutes and strange wives; Built-in consequences; Micah 2; God-power; Planning iniquity; Seizing from neighbors; Far from the way; Corbanfreewill offering drawing you near to God; Nicolaitans and Balaam = conquered people; House of Jacob = house of FDR; Reliance on Holy Spirit; Enemies of God; Evil instrumentalities; Dividing families; Goal of Christ; Family is key!; Men vs Women?; Civil war slavery realities; Becoming ambassadors for God; The sheep of the fortress; The Living Network; By Christ’s command; Where will you go?; Repent! Seek righteousness; Removing the woman’s blessings; Serving others in Christ’s name; Micah 3; Civic fleshpots; Ez 11:1; Devising mischief; Borders of Israel?; Repeating history; Ex 16:3; Pure religion; Christ’s way – His flesh and His blood; Be saved by His blood, not your neighbor’s; “We the People”; God won’t hear you; Waiving rights/responsibilities in exchange for benefits; Fake faith; Understanding “Believe”.


[00:02:25] Transgression of Jacob; What is Sumaria?; What is Jerusalem?; Baldness; Strange Wives
[00:06:45] Begin Micah 2
*[00:08:58] What was the sin of Jacob?
*[00:15:59] Deeds of the Nicolaitans; Error of Balaam
*[00:19:29] House of Jacob is the House of FDR (combine with transgression of Jacob, above)
*[00:26:58] Removing women from the home?
[00:37:22] Dangers of mRNA vaccine
*[00:40:29] Separation of women from household (combine with above)
*[00:43:20] Flesh pots of cities

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