Key 2132 – Micah 3

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2132

The many metaphors in the Book of Micah are misunderstood by modern Christians who participate in the very activities the book warned against.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: April 17, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes


[00:01:11] Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn quote about lying
[00:01:58] America’s first public schools were supported with charity; Ambulances in WWI were furnished with donations
*[00:04:42] Apostles were “called outchurch, not the people
[00:06:17] Goebbels quote
[00:06:53] Stossel video on climatology, “Are We Doomed?”
[00:09:48] George Floyd trial
[00:18:50] Mein Kampf quote: Credibility of Big Lie
[00:27:32] Greg’s dad quit law at least 3 times due to corruption (gregbio); To Kill and Mockingbird
[00:28:45] Goebbels quote on playing the press
*[00:31:57] Distortion of word “church
[00:35:53] Goebbels quote on religion
*[00:40:29] Dust as a metaphor; bread upon the waters;
[00:46:33] Chapter 2; Transgression of Jacob
[00:47:35] Schemes that end in destruction; contracts and constitutions
[00:50:50] Review of Micah 2
[00:54:17] Ye also are gods
*[00:57:52] Eating the flesh of my people; Flesh pots; One Purse
[01:13:20] COVID Suicides
[01:22:07] Verse 8; Socialism
[01:28:08] Verse 24;
*[01:32:55] Young people don’t need churches because they have the religion of socialism

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