Key 2129 – Environmental, Social, and Governance Criteria (ESG)

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2129

The Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Criteria is the latest scheme of government that has chosen to use force to meet the needs of its members rather than organizing in a parallel society based on charity as Jesus commanded.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: April 3, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

What is “Church”?; Metaphysics; Biblical “Principalities”; Manifesting patterns of your chosen realm; Ekklesia; “city”; Christ’s calling out; Rules for His Church; Self-organization; Power corrupts; Offices of service; Bishop; Bondage of Egypt; Slavery by redistribution of wealth; Consequences of power corruption; Back to “normal”?; Opting into private religion; Modern apostate ministers; Making the word of God to none effect; Immunity passports; Environmental Social Governance (ESG) criteria; Pure Religion; Public servants; Giving up your right to choose; Separate Church and state; Paul Revere’s ride; What really made America great; Preparing You; Gregory’s life moments; Humble mind-changing; Showing the truth; Establishing the Church; The new race/bigotry/prejudice; Separating goats and sheep; Contractual nature of government; Love vs force; Presidential succession; Unfixable system; Hard times to come; Imperial cult of the United States; Citizen overreach; Christ’s other way; “Holy”; What will you do?


*[00:06:20] The parallel system created by Jesus
[00:12:50] Dr Cole and Dr Tenpenny on dangers of mRNA vaccine
*[00:14:31] We are back in the bondage of Egypt
*[00:18:50] Ministers and Social Security Numbers; baptism into another welfare system
[00:22:47] Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Criteria
*[00:27:58] Black’s Law Dictionary defines church as another form of government
[00:34:54] Greg’s dad wrote law books; Catholic education (gregbio)
*[00:43:50] Marriage vs Holy Matrimony

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