Key 2128 – Darkened Understanding of Modern Christians

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2128

The writings of Paul are not understood in modern Christianity. That’s because Paul was writing to the true Christians of the early church, not the fake Christians of the modern church.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: April 3, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Understanding biblical message; Darkened minds; Hebrew meanings; Commentaries?; Practicing what Christ condemned; Systems of religion; Caring for parents; Holy days?; Daily ministration of faith, hope and charity; Paul’s path; Income tax in Egypt; Micah; Dispelling idolatry; Coronavirus; Research for yourself; George Floyd; Racism?; The answer is Christ; The rest of the story; Working iniquity; What’s causing delusion?; Belief by repetition; Racial statistics; Prov 21:6; Robin Hood; Redistribution of wealth by charity; Strengthening the poor; Eph 4:14; Coming to serve; Given over to love of self; Who Paul’s talking to, and talking about; Lust for benefits; A flock divided; Network of Christians; Media manipulation of YOU; Rom 8:38; Eph 3:10; Repenting to Christ’s way; Principalities and powers; Knowing by fruits; Comforting pastors?; The name of Jesus; Metaphysics; Nature includes spirit; Romans study; COVID successes; The Living Network; Romans 8; “Spirit”; What if we need help?; The law of sin; What Paul was doing; Temple activities; Christian activities; Christ as king; Religion by force or by charity; Your salvation is in Christ; Death by sin – life by righteousness; Where you are at; Paul’s heavy heart; Ps 69:22; Rom 11:9; Seeking His righteousness; Minister job description; Bishop?; Deacon?; Is your right to choose intact?; Nimrod the provider; FDR’s ways; Grace?; Prelude to Micah; George Floyd the criminal; Back to COVID; History of hate;


[00:02:08] What we lost in the garden
*[00:05:13] How orthodox religions practice what Jesus condemned
[00:09:30] Easter service preparations
[00:12:56] Bondage of Egypt
[00:15:58] Coronavirus news
[00:19:37] Derrick Chauvan trial; George Floyd
*[00:29:55] Redistribution of wealth in Kingdom of God is charity, not socialism
[00:41:18] George Floyd, Derrick Chauvin
[00:47:53] Coronavirus
*[00:53:54] Paul wrote to true Christians, not you
[01:06:53] Israelites had networked before leaving Egypt
*[01:19:48] Ministers, bishops, deacons
[01:24:29] Balaam, Nicolaitan, Nimrod

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