Key 2127 – Rulers of Darkness

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2127

Our refusal to responsibly take dominion has given the world over to rulers of darkness. The only solution is to take on the full armor of God through faithfully creating a network of love and charity.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: March 27, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Tacitus; Pilate’s existence; Considering the evidence; The one true Church; Archbishop story; Spiritual realms; Principalities; Kingdoms of the world; Adam and Eve’s dominion; “Soul”; “Spirit”; Eph 1:21; Greek “Arche”; Despising dominion; Rulers of Darkness; Legal twistiness; Prior rights; Religious obligations; Eph 6:12; What are the “high places”?; Abundant life on this planet; UFOs?; The war we’re in; Trusteeship of dominion; Supplying support; Letting in the light; Spirits of wickedness; Sanhedrin; Baptizing into the system; Restoring the republic; Spiritual DNA; Hell?; Robbery through inflation; Devaluation; Bringing light to high places; Inability to own gold; Awakening others; Repent and seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness.


[00:01:13] Early 1900s movement claiming Pontius Pilate never existed
*[00:02:48] Archbishop told Greg that Catholic Church was not the one true church during his attendance at St Joseph’s College (gregbio)
[00:09:41] First Great Reset took place in Eden; adamah
[00:12:00] Study on the word “principality”
[00:19:15] Second Amendment; right to self-defense
[00:29:19] Corruption of the Sanhedrin during John the Baptist; Zacheriah, John’s father, was murdered
[00:32:00] Waking up to the vaccine
[00:42:18] Wickedness
[00:46:50] Inflation; historical examples of currency corruption

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