Key 2126 – Sitting in Darkness

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2126

In 116 AD, the historian Tacitus provided lots of great insights into the early church and its contrast to the imperial cult of Rome.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: March 27, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Where is the truth? Do you think you know Christ?; Did Paul?; Will you be forgiven?; Missing the Truth; Spanish Flu example; COVID comparison; “Building back better”; Christian duties; Altering definitions of words; Christ’s instructions; Avoiding deception; Gen 2:9; Meaning in metaphor; Trees as sources; Hiding from God; Naked Levites?; Darkness of lies and misunderstanding; Deciding good/evil for yourself; Misappropriating Paul; Working iniquity; Ps 107:10; Lacking love for light/truth/way; Micah 7:8; “Sexual preference”; Ex post facto; “Herd immunity”; Willingness to see the truth; Developing robust immune systems; Immunity to lies?; Accepting covetousness; Foolishness of force; Which “normal” to return to?; “Freedom” redefined; As you judge, so shall you be judged; Making the word of God to none effect; “Religion” redefined; The real Gospel; Jn 1:9; What “world”?; “Temple” giving of Corban; The religion of socialism; Dismissing the commandments; Heb 10:5; Christ’s commands; Strengthening the poor; Lk 1:79; The “way” of peace; Things Christ forbade; Blinded by anger; Clinton firing federal judges?; Your degeneration; Gender foolishness; Getting organized; Striving like Jesus; The right to be ruled by God; What makes Christians separate; Tacitus; Remaining free from things public; Home schooling; Comfort in ear-tickling; Destroying heroes; Becoming perfected in Christ; Today’s war; Social reformers; Electing emperors?; “Apotheos”; If you love Christ…; Desiring safety; Ministers are NOT your comforter; Freedom of choice; Hearts of tyrants; What true believers look like; Fleeing socialism; “With God” all things are possible; Sacrificing like Christ; The princes of the kingdom; Christian conflict; United States’ religion; Inescapable bondage; Messages of minor prophets; Strange wives – mercenary, not loving; Gather in the image of Christ; The kingdom is here and now = good news; Share it.


[00:04:41] Seeing the truth even when presented by fake news; COVID counting
[00:18:00] Understanding the Garden of Eden story
[00:31:30] Changing definitions: Sexual preference; Herd immunity
*[00:41:28] Corben and why taxes ensure an unGodly nation
[00:49:10] Sitting in darkness (more corban segments)
[00:55:23] Hebrews; Duty to God; Strengthening the poor; verses on darkness
[01:00:55] Gender issues in sports; Kristi Noem; Bill Clinton fired all federal judges and hired them back again
*[01:06:07] Importance of striving; Essenes’ system was based on charity
*[01:08:10] Tacitus and the Republic
[01:16:17] Destruction of the black family
*[01:21:53] More Tacitus quotes: A bad peace is worse than war; desire for safety
*[01:23:35] Back in Egypt; Merchandise; Inflation
*[01:25:52] Polybius warning about socialism
[01:28:35] Taking away the lives of millions
*[01:29:37] More Tacitus quotes;
*[01:38:32] Good quotes to end short audios

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