Key 2125 – Twelve More Rules for Life

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2125

We use Jordan Peterson’s book “Beyond Order” as a launch point to explain deeper truths about the Kingdom.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: March 20, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Realizing falsities; Becoming informed; There are wrong answers; Contradicting Paul; “Libera res publica”; Militia; Israel the republic; Jethro and Moses; Walking in righteousness; Rightly caring for needy; Rejecting God; Saul’s folly; Golda Meir; Moshe Dayan; Offices of power; Imagined freedom; Abraham’s other way; Forced degeneration; Baptism of repentance; What Christ accomplished; Order and consequences; Chaos vs Order – both positive forces; Evil = absence of Good; Rome vs US; Valueless money; Perseverance is up to you; Know your impatience; Jordan Peterson’s 12 more rules; Church-provided options; Cain and Abel; The enemy within you; Lev 26:15; Prov 2:11; Prov 23; Heb 12:5; Rebuking covetousness; Society and the individual; Allowing chaos; Diminishing your heroes; Breaking down families; Striving for truth; Awakening is a process; Does truth offend you?; Avoiding the pain of coping; Risking for righteousness; When in doubt, don’t; No faking; Laying down your life for others; Focus on forgiveness; Living for other people; Overcoming; Mercenary vs Mercy; Giving life; Ezra 10:11; Providing care for community; Strange wives; Our first love; WWI ambulances; Keeping commandments; Rom 10:10; Bondage worse than Egypt; Healing gospel; Mt 7:23; Blaspheming Jesus; If you loved him.; Jn 1:20 – Why the question?; Loaves and fishes miracle; Setting men free; Turning to the real Christ; Getting back to righteousness; Discouraging dialog; Spreading darkness; “Confession” article; Mimicking mother’s love; 2 Jn 1:7; Are you adversarial to Christ?; Raising adults; Teasing, affection and humor; Ministers of Christ are truth-tellers; Being the light in the room; Consistent message throughout the bible; Casting out your demons; Your faith is being tested.


*[00:05:06] Meaning of “religion”; Meaning of “libera res publica”
*[00:19:05] Political context of Abraham leaving Huron
[00:27:45] Networks of charity that ended slavery in America
[00:30:13] Using force to do good
*[00:37:57] Cain’s system of plowing the Adamah
[00:54:15] Well-drilling experiences (gregbio)
[00:58:49] #8 Make One Room Beautiful
[01:01:18] Working with Border Collies (gregbio)
[01:06:00] Friend hit by car when going through a cross-walk (gregbio)
[01:10:29] #9 Self-examination
*[01:13:17] Strange Wives
*[01:18:31] Soldiers are voluntary in a republic; military is fed by family networks
*[01:25:15] Confessing Christ is doing what he said
*[01:38:20] More on confession
[01:39:03] #10 Importance of explcit negotiations
[01:45:03] #11 Treading on my foot territory
[01:47:49] #12 Be Grateful

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