Key 2124 – Whole Truth of Christianity vs Modern Church

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2124

The partial gospel popularized in modern churches and by its prominent authors and speakers equates to a lie that the enemy feeds upon.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: March 20, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

COVID “Vaccine” fallout; Up to 99% unreported; Dr. Vernon Coleman; Want-to-be parents should not get the jab; Diseases caused by vaccination; Unreported by news media; Getting cured of doctors; Gall Bladder example; Diet?; Seed oils?; Shining light on lies; Your responsibility; Hue and cry; Tact?; Accusatory questions; Christ’s instructions; Essenes; Providing charity; Falling for fallacies; John the Baptist’s ministry; Baptizing with fire; Force vs charity; N. T. Wright book; Creation follows reason; Paul the apostle; What’s missing?; Lie = not whole truth; Bad things caused by sin?; Blaming God; False pandemics; Ebola example; Making straight the way of the Lord; Corban of the Pharisees; Widow’s mite; What Christ established on the cross; False claims about Paul; The rest of the story; “Good Intention” fallacy; California; Judea/Rome repeated; Strengthening society; Living responsibly; Seeing untruths; Blinding by power; What socialism is; Ukrainian grain example; Home “church”; “Saved by faith”?; Who will not inherit the kingdom?; False faith; “No brainers” vs “no brains”; Not those who say…; Honest good intentions; 12 more rules for life; Why you don’t see?; Reason for commandments; Sitting in tens, hundreds and thousands; Christ’s love realized; Pain is not punishment; Following the money; Christians allowing rampant injustice; Bondage of the US; Order vs Chaos; Why liberals keep winning; Putting on the full armor of God; The fire of the Holy Spirit; Darkness does not affect light; “Greater Reset”; Purpose of the network; Paul’s mission; Temple logistics; Social welfare through love; Demonetizing money; The armor of Satan; Getting back to righteousness; Who’s preaching Christ?; Idolatry; No exercising authority.


[00:03:00] Waiting to find out the long-term effects of the vaccine because YOU are the study.
[00:03:30] Vernan Coleman video
[00:07:30] Expected long-term effects; Although not known because animal studies weren’t done.
[00:10:22] CDC: Most current cases of polio come from vaccination
[00:13:59] Increased use of seed oils parallels increase in certain health problems
[00:23:40] Good Intention Fallacy or Righteousness Fallacy rampant among politicians
*[00:24:46] Until John the Baptist everyone tried to establish utopias by force
[00:26:40] N.T. Wright’s book “What Did the Cross Accomplish?”
*[00:37:10] Why did the corban of the Pharisees make the word of God to none effect?
[00:46:26] Good Intention Fallacy at work in California
[00:52:13] Trump, Ben Shapiro and forced vaccination
*[00:55:38] Terrors of socialism
[01:06:00] Jordan Peterson’s book “Beyond Order”; Dave Rubin
[01:08:17] Business owners being fined and terrorized in Greg’s county
[01:14:00] Corruption in California
*[01:20:19] How the Right and Evangelical Christians are contributing to the power of the Left
*[01:29:38] Adventures of Paul shows early church organization

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