Key 2065 – Hosea 12-13

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2065

Our study of Hosea continues with chapters 12 and 13. Few readers understand the enormous practical application of this book on modern government.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: October 10, 2020

Show Notes


  • Pastor Steve Smotherman

Paul’s Notes

Hosea 12; False Assyrians; Carrying oil into Egypt?; Abraham’s different way; Minutemen for neighbors; Natural capitalism; Eskimo sharing story; Private property and Jubilee; Moses’ statutes; Kingdom divided; The LORD as a merchant; Selling yourself a slave; Ephraim and Israel; How to be free; Rewards of unrighteousness; College the early American way; Christ’s way out of bondage; Sweden’s income tax; Loving your neighbor; De 17:16; Biblical constitution; “We the People”; Fake history -> fake news; Hosea 13; Kissing calves; Home/private school; Who’s going to save you?; Kingdom government of, for and by the people; Making gods of men; Animal references; Bride of Christ; God’s path to the kingdom; George Floyd’s demise; Socialism destroys the people; Obtaining God’s blessings.

Notable Segments

[00:32:53] US Constitution contains only one of five elements of a Biblical constitution


[00:03:24] How did ancient tribes protect themselves from marauders?
[00:20:56] Joseph’s brothers went into bondage because they sold him into bondage.
[00:24:58] Poorest people were capable of college education in early America without debt and taxes.
[00:26:55] Assyrians can be equated to the Class A holders of the Federal Reserve; US Citizens with social security numbers are collateral for the debt.
[00:31:38] Corruption of those holding office in Oregon
[00:32:53] US Constitution contains only one of five elements of a Biblical constitution
[00:45:13] “Government of the people, for the people and by the people” came from preface from first Wycliff Bible
[00:49:22] Bride of Christ vs daughters of the harlot
[00:51:44] George Floyd killed himself

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