Key 2061 – Hosea 3-5

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2061

A continuation of our study of Hosea. Few readers understand the enormous practical application of this book on modern government.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: September 26, 2020

Show Notes



Paul’s Notes

God’s contracts; New testament quoting Old; How you’ve lost your rights; God restoring His kingdom; Different testaments?; Israel’s kingdoms; Hosea 3; His marriage explained; Flagons; Christ’s fruit; Other gods (many); Bible studying; Balaam; The solution to wanting a ruler to fix things for you; Images, ephods and teraphim; Anti-Christ governments; Hosea 4; What made America great; Doing the riot math; Real Christian protest; Are you crazy?; Lacking knowledge; What priests?; Your forgiveness depends; Modern workers of iniquity; Taking away the heart; Roman taxes; Rethinking freedom; Backsliding heifer?; Shameful sacrifices; Forbidden oaths; Government lawlessness; Words of Christ; David’s spirit; What are you afraid of?; Hose 5; You’ve been snared; Self-salvation?; What we should be doing.


[00:10:43] Begin reading Hosea 3
[00:11:08] “Flagons of wine” defined
[00:23:16] Begin chapter 4
[00:23:47] Schools and colleges were once funded without public government
[00:35:38] Discussion of Roman system of taxation
[00:39:03] Discussion of Red Heifer
[00:42:39] Kate Brown is not the real governor of Oregon
[00:50:22] Begin chapter 5

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