Key 2068 – Repeating Mistakes of the Past

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2068

History repeats itself because people forget the lessons of the past. For this reason, books like Hosea and Joel have prophetic meaning today. When you understand the practical lessons those books were trying to convey, today’s parallels are obvious. What did they tell us to do about it?

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: October 24, 2020

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Finished Hosea; Preparing Joel; Dig into Hebrew; Visualize the author’s direction; “Dominion”; God stays the same; Repeating mistakes, repeating solutions; Washing away preconceived notions; Media conflicts; Biden laptop saga; Steele dossier; Clinging to falsehoods; “Cages” comments; Lawless laws; Loving truth; Fake theology/religion -> Fake gospel -> Fake education -> Fake news.; Censorship; Witnessing spirit of unrighteousness; Appointing “elders”; Force is anti-Christ; Voting socialist; Covetous practices cursing your children; Hebrew meanings; Cows and coronavirus; Becoming immune to lies; Congregations of Christ; Spreading vs censoring truth; Protesters facilitating riots; Bible message to live by faith, hope and charity; Social Security is not a trust fund; Licenses requiring Social Security Number; USC Title 42 s/s 666; Not to be that way with you; Christ’s solution; Commandment against debt; Benefit dependence; Spirit of destruction.

Notable Segments

[00:27:30] Elder in the bible and early church is an office of the family.


[00:04:44] To know the future, study the past. Enola Holmes movie includes the idea that there is a political solution to the problem of the time.
[00:09:01] The destruction of journalistic ethics is nearly complete. Trump’s 60 Minutes interview; Hunter Biden’s laptop.
[00:18:18] Lies about border cages.
[00:23:58] Keith Oberman vs Ty Bollinger – censorship; Truth About
[00:27:30] Elder in the bible and early church is an office of the family.
[00:37:08] Milkmaids and vaccines; Building immunity to lies.
[00:42:18] Greg met his wife while they were working in a convalescent home (gregbio); Cuomo and 4 other governors put infected people in convalescent homes.
[00:47:51] No separate funds for Social Security.

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