Key 2069 – Biased News

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2069

What we call “news” today is usually actively attempting to shape your worldview. Platforms have legally transitioned into publishers.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: October 31, 2020

Show Notes


  • Joe Biden
  • Kamala Harris
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Robert McNamara

Paul’s Notes

Knocking = seeking truth; What is the real good news (gospel)?; Halloween; Cyclical world; Signs in the sun; Panicking the people; Objectivity; Greta Thunberg awakening; Green new deal; Finding reliable news sources; Questioning your truths; Inappropriate “study”; Testimony in action; Recognizing our limits; MacNamara studies on Viet Nam; Washington Post; New York Post; Most Americans opposed constitution; Illegal ratification; “We the People”; Media bias; Media censorship; Joe Biden history; Oregon outlaws in office; The mysterious laptop; Giuliani involvement; Massive suppression; Washington Post (Kathleen Parker) coverage; “The People” as governors; Joe Biden 1988 run for president; Twitter as a “platform”; Confusing story; Kathleen Parker story; Hampering information flow; “Editing” vs “free speech”; Platform immunity from prosecution; Platforms acting as publications; “What if” Americas; The soul of America; Why riots?; You allow removal of your bias/anger/vices; Real cause of Viet Nam brush war; Making a difference in you; Overcoming your biases; Cashless society?; Clarity in the bible; Christ’s way; Knowing your limitations is good news; Electing a new Caesar is not the solution; Being of service to others allows God to hear your cries; Who should you vote for?; Power belongs in your hands; Mutual communion (welfare); Policing your minister; Your choice: seek kingdom of God or of the world; Becoming government of, for and by the people; Repentance = thinking a different way; Seeing the whole truth; Red Agorist; Voluntary relationships; Disconnect between what you say and what you do; Red markets; The God of nature/creation; How can Christians accept forcing neighbors?; Church is supposed to be Israel – ministers of God’s kingdom.

Notable Segments

[01:03:43] The real purpose of the Vietnam War was to stimulate the oil & coal industries (gregbio)


[00:03:43] Solar cycles and climate change.
[00:06:43] Greta Thunberg and the Green New Deal
[00:11:03] “Study” to show thyself approved = “Be diligent” to show thyself approved; Be a doer of the word; Faith without works is dead.
[00:15:26] “The Post” movie; Vietnam War (gregbio); Washington Post.
[00:19:33] New York Post; Hunter Biden laptop;
[00:20:31] Federalists vs Anti-Federalists; Constitution was not legally ratified.
[00:28:36] Violators of Article 2 Section 22 in Oregon
[00:31:35] Hunter Biden laptop
[00:46:17] Twitter is acting like a publisher instead of a platform.
[01:03:43] The real purpose of the Vietnam War was to stimulate the oil & coal industries (gregbio)
[01:15:28] Seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness supersedes voting.
[01:29:33] Agorism, Freedom Cells, Red Agorist
[01:36:20] The superiority of homeschooling (gregbio)

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