Key 2064 – Hosea 9-11

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2064

Our study of Hosea continues, this time including chapters 9, 10, and 11. Few readers understand the enormous practical application of this book on modern government.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: October 10, 2020

Show Notes


  • Pastor Steve Smotherman

Paul’s Notes

Hosea: Minor prophet told to marry a harlot; How relate to us today; Hosea 9 review; “reward” – aleph tav nun nun; Threshing floor; Tav = faith: links unseen spirit world to physical; Separate kingdom of Israel/Ephriam and Judah king followers; Pilate’s official declaration – “King of the Jews” recognition; Idiotes (unregistered) followers of Christ; Sacrifice – delusion first; Church v man’s government; The road of prophecy; Communist manifesto; Private property?; Use tax and legal title; Mask shaming; Minister Steve Smothermon; What made America great; Hosea’s “reward” = NT “wages of unrighteousness”; Balaam = Nicolaitan; Lady Godiva; British oath of fealty; Pure Religion; Patron saint of architects; Drawing near to God; Force is foolishness; Militias; Hosea’s “Assyria”; Covetous practices; Compromise; Closing door to kingdom of heaven; Delusion of thinking you know God; Christ’s solution – become the benefit for your neighbor; Shared message of the prophets; Getting back to freedom under God; Love = Charity; Networking in the bible; Beware returning to the bondage of Egypt; Funeral story; Suicide; Visiting Trauma; Dealing with it; Recognizing socialism; Perfecting savagery; Hosea 10 and federal reserve; Divided hearts and minds; Foolish virgin; Learning the ways of Christ; Developing eyes of Christ; Christian courage; Golden calf (of Bethaven); Repenting of the ways of the world; Altars as systems of welfare; The origin of the blood; Tares; Seeking spiritual meaning; Tricking you from your responsibility; God’s warnings of choosing a king; No king but Jesus?; Evidence; Making covenants with worldly gods; Hosea 11; Remaining involved; Ear tickling churches; Trading Egypt for Assyria; God’s grief at man’s folly; Graven images signed by our own hands; Your sacrifice do draw near God; Rev 2:6; Separating you from God; 2 Peter 2:18; What we are missing; Opening the door to the kingdom of Heaven; Heaven vs Hell; BLM Religion; Giving life meaning.

Notable Segments

[00:26:28] True story of Lady Godiva
[00:30:44] Schools were built with charity; Jane Eyre; Militia built schools, roads.
[01:18:11] How do we know if Jesus is your king?


[00:02:30] Unique word to Hosea: Reward (of prostitution).
[00:07:39] Roman official statement: “This is the King of the Jews.” Jesus was unregistered.
[00:13:25] Communist Manifesto – All 10 planks are law in the US today.
[00:23:43] Hosea 2:12 – More discussion around the word “reward”
[00:26:28] True story of Lady Godiva
[00:30:44] Schools were built with charity; Jane Eyre; Militia built schools, roads.
[00:42:01] Corban made the word of God to none effect
[00:51:01] Suicide of family acquaintance (gregbio)
[00:56:55] A form of Federal Reserve mentioned in Hosea 10
[01:02:35] Kate Brown and Article 2 Section 22
[01:18:11] How do we know if Jesus is your king?
[01:20:20] Hosea 11; Bondage of Egypt
[01:29:25] Opening the spiritual door of Christ requires sacrifice

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